When new hardware comes out, especially iterative hardware, the question is whether that new piece of technology will be able to run games from the previous generation. This is something that each company handles in its own way. The PS4 wasn’t compatible with PS3 games (although PS5 is with PS4 games), Nintendo generally doesn’t care about backwards compatibility of any kind these days, and Xbox did what it did for the concept during the Xbox One era. could do Now that the doors have opened for Sony’s next VR version, titled playstation vr 2The question on the minds of previous generation owners is, “Will it play older games?” Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t have an answer on that front yet.

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Backwards compatibility is an interesting topic for something like PlayStation VR because, on the surface, one would assume that it would be easy to implement on a gradual iteration of the hardware. As it stands, though, the PSVR 2 is using decidedly different technology because the headset will use inside tracking to detect its new controllers. The original headset employed a standalone camera and PS Move wand which seemingly would have made the new controller configuration for the PSVR 2 difficult. The new controllers for the PSVR2 differ significantly from the PS Move Wand in a variety of ways, and it’s possible that Sony may not want to put the resources into making older games work with the new control scheme.


Journalist Stephen Totilo reached out to a representative for Sony and asked if the company had any plans for backwards compatibility with original PSVR titles, as well as to ask if the hardware would be out by the end of 2022. Sony PR responded that the company has “nothing further to announce at this time” in relation to the questions asked. It’s hard to say what Sony will decide on this front, but owners of previous VR hardware should be prepared for a console that won’t play their older VR titles.

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As of January 2020, 5 million units of the PSVR have been sold, and while some of those 5 million owners may not make the leap to PSVR2, many still will. Any backward compatibility certainly won’t come as a blow to the fanbase that supported the device and helped bring the PSVR2 into existence. It’s hard to believe that Sony won’t implement this, but for now, it will be a question hanging over the new device.

A look at a new VR-exclusive title, along with Sony info on PSVR2 horizon universe title mountain horizon call, which will be co-developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite Games, the latter of which was recently purchased by Sony. No release date has been given for the game or hardware.

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