Jim Ryan, Head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, recently expressed that it wants to see Sony games more accessible to a much larger audience of players.

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Many Sony games remain PlayStation exclusives for a very long time, but some PS4 games have been ported to PC in the past, even though the PC release is several years after the PlayStation versions. It looks like this venture is prompting Sony to consider more ways to make PlayStation games playable without easy access to PlayStation hardware.


Ryan indicates in interviews that he considers a “successful” PlayStation game a game reaching twenty million people, but wants to see that number rise to the level at which other media expands. Music and movies are two examples cited as the range of numbers they target, with the somewhat vague goal of “hundreds of millions”. Considering the inherent barriers to entry in sports unlike music and movies, however, this may prove to be a daunting goal.

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Even though many PlayStation exclusives have been ported to PC in the past, games are inherently still more difficult to play than music or movies. Games are consistently more expensive than music albums or movies, and the replacement of rental stores by subscription services has given publishers more control over how players can access games. AAA PC games also require a relatively powerful device to run properly.

Possible upcoming PC ports like demon spiritsOf course, it looks like Sony isn’t on track with releasing pre-PlayStation exclusives on non-PlayStation hardware. For gamers, this is a universally good move; Making the game accessible on more platforms naturally means more players can experience the game firsthand. However, given that the main reasons to buy PlayStation 5 are exclusives, it may take some time for the PC ports to arrive. Some PC ports may even never arrive when their platform history is considered; Apart from a few mobile spinoffs, Ratchet and Clank has always been a PlayStation exclusive series, so Ratchet and Clank: Apart from the Rift Most likely never will be on PC.

While it may be difficult to make games as accessible as movies and music, the effort is an interesting prospect, and SonyNo doubt the approach towards this goal will be worth watching. It remains to be seen whether the company will continue to port PlayStation exclusives to PC or try to take another approach entirely, such as pushing playstation now streaming service. For now, all fans will have to do is walk away from Ryan’s comments.

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