Sorry rich people, the Bugatti Chiron and Bolide are sold out

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The Bugatti Chiron will end production this year.

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If you’re very wealthy and were hoping to get a Bugatti Chiron order before production of the ultra-expensive hypercar ended, you’re out of luck. Bugatti announced this week that all of the Chiron’s allocations have been talked about, after a record-setting 2021, final deliveries will take place by the end of 2022.


Bugatti says 150 customers Ordered and personalized a car In 2021, 60% was new to the brand, and it plans to deliver at least 80 cars in 2022. Of the 500 total chiras to be built, only 40 were ready for graves by November 2021. Will be produced in 2022 great game And Super Sport 300+ Variants of the Chiron, each of which includes the “regular” Chiron and the . As each will be made only 30 chiron pure game The models have already been made. 2021 saw the first deliveries of the Super Sport 300+, as well as the final deliveries divo and one-off the black car.

Bugatti Bolide

Only the Junglee Track Bolide has sold out.

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If You Want To Get One Of The Absolutely Crazy track-only bolide Hypercars, you’re out of luck too. Bugatti says all 40 of its planned production runs were snapped up for just two months after the production version was unveiled at The Quail during Monterey Car Week last summer. Plus, all ten units inspired by the EB110 one hundred ten, which has been sold out for a long time, will be delivered in 2022.

While we do not yet know what will replace the Chiron, it will be developed under the new Bugatti-Rimack Joint Venture Which was announced in November. Bugatti promises that future models will be as absurd, spectacular, and engineering-packed as you’d expect, and that whatever comes next will certainly have some sort of electrification.

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