Spotify Pie Chart: How to See the New Feature to Let Users See Their Top Genres, Artists

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Every year on December 1, Spotify users strive to share your best artists and songs of the year through Spotify Wrappedbut a new feature created by a college student allows users to see a pie chart of their current musical tastes.

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The Spotify Pie Chart was created by UCLA student Darren Huang, not Spotify, and allows users to actually see their Spotify Wrapped at any moment. Since the site was launched earlier this week, several social media users shared their results on Instagram and Twitter.

Receiptify is another feature that allows Spotify and Apple Music users to browse their best songs. last month, last six months or all time. The results are displayed in the form of a receipt, like from a grocery store.

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Spotify recently created a new feature that added lyrics to all songs. Users can view lyrics by swiping up from the song being played, with some songs having real-time lyrics that users can follow.

Spotify text:Here’s how to find lyrics for all songs

“Brand New Life”: Kate Bush reacted to the fact that the song from Stranger Things climbed the charts

How to See Your Spotify Pie Chart

You can see your Spotify Pie chat in a third party app, clicking on a websiteon your phone or computer.

The website will prompt you to sign in to your Spotify account and allow the app to access your listening history. Once allowed, your Spotify pie chart will be created which you can take a screenshot to share with your friends or on social networks.

The chart is divided by musical genre, with the genres marked with the corresponding color. If you click on a genre in the chart, you will see which artists belong to that genre.

Social media users shared some of their favorite and confusing music genres, including “post-teen pop”, “Ohio hip hop” and “New England emo”.

Below the chart, there will also be a list of your top performers, with your top performers in bold and larger font, and the names of the next performers in smaller font. So if you’re one of the millions of drunks Season 4 of Stranger Things don’t roll over if you see Kate Bush there, thanks a revival of the 1985 hit “Running Up That Hill (Deal With God)”.

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