Spotify’s services are slowly returning to normal after Google Cloud problem

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If you prefer to listen to Spotify using the company’s web interface, you may still be among those without music at the moment. an obvious problem with google cloud Snapchat is responsible for disrupting access to several major web services, including the Discord, Fitbit and Nest apps.

- Advertisement - indicates that there were over 50,000 reports of spotify trouble Eastern time began around noon, but the number has been steadily declining since then. Spotify is aware of the problem and has reported it on its community site, It still says that the matter is being investigated. According to the article, both web and mobile players are affected.

These types of outages are not uncommon and usually recover very quickly when they do happen, so it is possible that by the time you read this, everything will be back to normal. But it is also possible that the outage will continue to affect people on a regional basis, with some areas retaining people’s access to service while others remain a problem.


The last time a serious outage was reported on Spotify – coincidentally a year ago – the service was unavailable for an hour, but resumed normal operations shortly after.

We’ll update this article when the Spotify outage is completely resolved.

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