“Squid Game” meets video games

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“Squid Game” belongs to Netflix the biggest The series has garnered over 111 million views, but the show has taken root beyond streaming platforms in places like TikTok and the gaming industry.

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why it matters: The influence of Battle Royale-style shows in video games seems to be spreading more and more every week.

  • In the “Squid Game,” 456 players compete in elimination-style games, ranging from marbles to tug-o-war for millions of dollars. Defeat means death.
  • dozens of “squid game”-inspired Mini-games have taken over”roblox“With players creating their own versions of the show’s deadly challenges.
  • “Red Light, Green Light”—the first game in the show, in which players can only move when a giant robot is speaking, or is shot down—has notably gained a foothold. are fans recreate In play unreal engine For a less kid-friendly version.
  • “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” Lead Game Designer Joe Walshow TechRadar. told That he is reconsidering adding a scrapped version of “Red Light, Green Light” to the game.
  • “I think we were like, ‘We’re never going to have a “red light, green light,” that doesn’t make any sense,” he said. “But now considering how popular ‘Squid Game’ is, I’d love to have another crack at something like this and see if we can make it into ‘Fall Guys.

big picture: Although the core of the show is about the evils of capitalism, as well as human nature and friendship, the series lends itself well to video game takeover.

  • It’s reminiscent of games like “Dunganronpa,” in which students compete for their freedom in a deadly killing game—or, for a much more PG idea, “Mario Party.”

what will happen next: Netflix executive Minyeong Kim told Hollywood Reporter that the company is exploring ways to expand the range, “from sports, consumer products and more – to really explore what we can bring to our audiences to increase their affinity for our content and may give them more joy, while remaining true to the world that our Creator has created.”

  • “This is just the beginning,” Kim said.


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