star Wars The Old Republic Approaching its ten-year anniversary, and as a part of celebration of the milestone, it was planning to release its sixth full expansion pack, Legacy of the Sith, on 14 December. Unfortunately, old republic recently announced that it would have to push back the launch Legacy of the Sith for two months.

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Old Republic: Legacy of the Sith There is an ambitious expansion pack that will include new story, combat content, and systems. one of these new systems Legacy of the Sith There is a complete overhaul of the character creation system, which includes separating a character’s story by their fighting style and discipline.


BioWare team responsible for this old republic have said that their primary reason for the delay is to focus on the areas of the game that are being changed Legacy of the Sith, Between character customization options, secondary discipline options, and Linear Gear progression are coming Legacy of the SithThere are many places where customized and incomplete details can ruin the game experience. Having two additional months for public testing and fixing these areas will hopefully ensure a smooth launch and endgame experience.

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However, one has to wonder if the current MMORPG market has anything to do with the delay. Final Fantasy 14 seeing unprecedented success with endwalker, and its two-week delay made it launch only a week earlier Legacy of the Sith original launch. Whereas delay will give a buffer between propagating around FF14’s launch, old republic instead of competing with Guild Wars 2, which plans to launch end of dragons, its third full expansion, due out in late February, and possibly with end of eternity world of warcraft patches, though the latter will likely come in spring or summer.

Fan reception for the delay has always been mixed, but the community has largely been pleased with the delay. While no one is happy to wait that long, most players understand that delayed games usually mean better games. With all the features coming Legacy of the Sith, a few more months of detail means a better experience in the long run, and most players understand that.

At the same time, there are many players who are disappointed. With a week left until its original planned launch, several longer SWTOR Fans have already paid their PTO, and have already purchased their 60-day subscription to access the expansion, which will now unfortunately drop just before launch, meaning they have to play the game. Another two months payment term will have to be purchased for this. players have to expect old republic extra time to refine Legacy of the Sith Pays so it’s worth the extra subscription time.

star Wars The Old Republic Available for PC. Legacy of the Sith Launched on February 15, 2022.

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