stardew valley Originally released on PC in early 2016. Since then, stardew valley has become a financial success and has come to all kinds of platforms including Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Clearly, all these platforms weren’t enough for one fan, as he’s found another way to play the game: in the dashboard of his Tesla car.

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Recently, a user known as Bannedlife on Reddit posted a picture of his Tesla’s dashboard, showing the popular game stardew valley. Ironically, as a fan of the simulation game, he only learned that it came with the vehicle after purchase. Pleasantly surprised by the discovery, he noted that it is playable with touch controls, though players can connect the controller wirelessly via a USB connection or by Bluetooth.


According to BandLife, the game is running on the Model S Tesla. However, he noted that the title is apparently available for free on all Tesla cars as part of a collection of vehicles found in the entertainment library. While that probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when considering a Tesla, these cars are capable gaming machines as well. The Model S Plaid, the recently released car by the company, comes equipped with a Tesla arcade processor as well as an impressive 10 teraflops of computing power. Elon Musk even claims that graphically intense games like cyberpunk 2077 Can walk on car. while games like stardew valley Don’t come close to requiring that type of power, it’s impressive to see this kind of gaming hardware in a car.

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BandLife’s Reddit post has become extremely popular with over 8,540 upvotes. Inspired by Tesla’s concept of building an in-car gaming platform, many fans commented on the game as well as the car. When a concerned user commented on the difficulty of driving while gaming, BandLife humorously asked, “Why would you see where you’re going when you can see what you’re moving?” Fortunately for the driver and everyone else on the road, the vehicle must be parked to play such games. Stardew Valley.

stardew valley is a simulation role-playing game where players are tasked with repairing an old farm. Ultimately, the game gives players a large amount of creative license, as are the other activities available to them as well. recently, Stardew Valley’s The developer is known as Concerned App Have started work on a new project. It will be interesting to see if the game finds its way onto Tesla cars as well.

stardew valley Now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox One Series X/S and of course Tesla vehicles.