Incredibly complex indie simulation title stardew valley It’s been almost six years now, and in that time, it has made its mark on the video game community. Although the game takes some inspiration from existing titles, notably Sharadchandra, it has made itself known for its merits. One stardew valley The mod is now expanding the game’s themes of exploration and fantasy world building by taking players to the moon.

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There are different kinds of secrets to be found stardew valley, including some that are still unresolved today. However, although at least one hidden secret has to do with the game’s moons, the premise stardew valley The game will not allow players to go to the moon.


Redditor spacechase0 recently shared the first version of an in-progress mod that allows stardew valley Players to go to the moon. Although there are many types stardew valley Mod available on Nexus Mods, this mod stands out for its creative base. Moon Misadventure Mod not only allows players to visit the Moon, but it also offers players a new dungeon, two new tool tiers, a new type of accessory and an associated slot for it, and much more.

I just released the first version of the mod I’m working on where you can go to the moon. From

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While real-life trips to the Moon require careful planning, a dedicated team, and space suits, Moon Misadventure takes a more fictional approach to Moon exploration. The image attached to Spacechase0’s announcement shows a player character walking toward an arched doorway between two folded statues. The minimap appears to show a more circular building and a larger crater. According to Spacechase0, There Are More Tough Monsters Than There Are in Dungeons Found on the Moon stardew valleyThe Volcano Dungeon may be more difficult to clear than the dungeon overall.

The mod description on Nexus Mod states that the Moon Misadventures mod allows players to visit the dwarves and repair an ancient vehicle that belongs to him. The task requires a significant amount of late-game material, giving endgame players the task at hand. Once the vehicle is repaired, players can use it to travel to the moon for a new challenge. The mod is still a work in progress, but apparently, most of the other things found in the mod only require unique resources found on the Moon.

stardew valley Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One and legacy platforms.

Source: nexus mode

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