stardew valley There are a bunch of interesting quest lines that players can follow at their own pace to earn rewards. While there are some impressive rewards to earn, not everything in the game gives players the items or benefits they want. Actually, a player expressed his displeasure over this stardew valleyGunter and his reward system by exile some of those items to the southern tip of the game’s map.

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stardew valley There are a bunch of different NPC players with whom one can interact and befriend. Players will quickly learn that specific shops and community members will reward players for completing quest lines. Gunther is one of these characters, and they reward players for turning them into items, minerals, and artifacts. stardew valley Museum and Library.


A post by u/mry13 shows how many rewards players can earn by filling up the game’s museum. The strange thing here though is that instead of using these items to decorate their farm, U/MRE13 decided to move each of them. stardew valleybeach of In this, players with a large wooden bear statue get 50 items to donate to the museum, sloth skeletons are part of, and even a Singing Stone player receives 21 minerals to donate. which they found during mining. stardew valley,

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As per the title, u/mry13 removed them from their property because they thought these were the least attractive items they have received. To keep them away from his property and sight, it stardew valley The player drove them to the beach.

Stardew Valley Player and Gunther Prize on the Beach

The collection represents a considerable time investment in donating Günther’s museum and this may be the reason for the negative feelings towards these items. It’s likely that other players will feel the same way as u/mry13, with at least some of this not being worth the effort required. Ultimately the feeling about this exes comes down to personal preference only.

Finding the right balance is a challenge when it comes to listing rewards for different quests and it really shows in this post. While the museum may take a bunch of in-game seasons to complete, some of the prizes shown leave a bit to be desired. especially when compared to others in this search line, such as in Crystallium. stardew valley Players get what they want when they donate 50 minerals to the museum.

Then again, there could be a group of players who enjoyed making these decorations for their farm. stardew valley, Players can place these in their home, in their farm buildings, and if they wish, all over the map, making these statues and objects at least something useful. anyhow, it stardew valley The player found the correct locations for these items in their playthrough.

stardew valley Available on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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