Stardew Valley speedrunner starts by blowing up his farm and trashing his tools

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Annual Charity Speedrunning Marathon great game done quickly This week is in progress, allowing players of all types of sports to show off their fast playing straights. This year’s Stardew Valley speedrun category was filling the town’s community center with messes—and oh boy, the hack sure flowed.

Speedrunner Olenonam was the Stardew runner up this year, and said just before his playthrough with the warning that “this race is going to go very fast and it will start really quickly, so I hope you’re ready.” Then he blew the absolute hell out of his farm.


Oleonam started Stardew the way we normal people do. He immediately put away a bunch of his tools, magically spawned a ton of items in his inventory, and then began throwing bombs all over his farm. This is certainly much faster than cutting down all those trees one by one.

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As Olenonam and his co-commentators explained, this messy standoff hinges on abusing a special trick that can catch your eye on the character creation screen before you even start playing.

Often in Stardew Valley, your friendly neighbors stop by your farm and present you with different items. The process of receiving items during a dialog, explains Oleonam, is controlled by hidden item codes inside that dialog. By naming your character with a very, very long list of item codes, if an NPC addresses him by his name, he may be tricking the game into giving him a very, very long list of items. Some of those items are mega bombs, hence the aggressive tree clearing technique.

Despite all that stuffiness, Oleonam actually spends some time growing some of his crops and raising some chickens. It’s a very fast race, coming in at just 17 minutes, which you can catch from the start in the video above.

In case you missed it, you can see more Stardew happening fast Stardew Valley Cup that its developer Eric Barron co-hosted back in September.

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