Steam Deck still scheduled to launch next month

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Steam Deck is still on track for a February launch, Valve re-confirms.

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Valve recently made an extensive post blog post The company headed into 2022 detailing the latest developments around Steam Deck. “First and foremost, we are on track to ship the Steam deck on time,” Valve began, before adding “the global pandemic, supply issues and shipping issues.” Despite this, “it should start shipping Steam decks by the end of February.”

It all comes as Steam Deck was originally delayed last month to launch in December 2021. In mid-November, Valve announced that it would push back the launch date of the new hardware by two months to February 2021, largely due to content shortages due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Now however, Valve also announced that “work and testing” is underway for the Steam Deck Verified program. Just yesterday, Portal 2 became the first game to join the Steam Deck Verified initiative, which basically means that Valve has conducted extensive tests with the game, and determined that it will run perfectly on the new hardware without any restrictions. operates in such a way.

It’s reassuring that we’re getting these updates from Valve right now, with a little over a month left until the planned launch in February next year. However, from the phrasing of Valve’s announcement, it looks like the new hardware won’t launch until the end of February, because that’s when Valve plans to get them “out the door.”

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For more on what we’ve built from Valve’s new hardware when we get to play it for ourselves, you can visit our full Steam Deck Preview for more information.

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