Steam remains one of the most popular PC gaming platforms available, with an incredible lineup featuring some of the best games available. Its growth has picked up even further since the beginning of 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This can be seen over the years, where Steam broke its concurrent player count in 2021 several times over the course of a few months. While 2021 growth remained the same, the new year shows that this growth is still continuing, with a new player count record being set.

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2022 began with a new concurrent player record for Steam, reaching nearly 28 million users at once. More specifically, this peak was last week, where there were actually 27,942,458 users all active at once. It broke the previous record of 27.4 million by over 500,000 users in November 2021. Some may have thought that this feat could not be repeated again, or at least not for a few months, but it has been reported that this record has already been broken once again.


SteamDB is a database site for Valve’s platform client, which provides analytics and other important information about its games, storefronts, and more. This includes charts about the number of users currently on Steam at a time where, at around 9AM ET today, it managed to pass the 28 million player mark. More specifically, it reached 28,230,661 concurrent users, which is almost 300 thousand more users than its previous record. This record broken within just a week is quite surprising.

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Industry analyst Daniel Ahmed observed that Steam has seen a significant increase since the pandemic began, and has continued to grow ever since. That count seems to have been boosted by the platform’s library as well, as evidenced by some of the best-selling and most popular games on Steam in 2021. This includes games that consistently top the charts such as Grand Theft Auto 5, counter Strike Global Offensive, And New World,

Valve’s Steam platform has continued to flourish over the years, as more and more people join PC gaming. While there are many new AAA releases that players can pick up through the client, there are also many older games that are still being played on Steam, keeping players invested. All these factors and more explain how Steam Was able to break his concurrent player record in such a short amount of time, and it will only continue to grow from there.

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