many popular Twitch Streamers are being banned lately, showing how even those with the biggest audiences can be subject to forced timing. A content creator and new Twitch streamer known as Comment Etiquette has been banned from Twitch because he said something that is known to lead to bans.

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Twitch streamer Comment Etiquette was writing a script for horror music during a recent livestream, which he called “cracker,” a term that goes against the website’s terms of service, leading to a 30-day ban. . According to Comment Etiquette, the ban comes after he used racial slurs that others were banned from using Twitch.


Other notable livestreamers who have been banned for using the term include popular Twitch streamers Hassan Picker and Frost, both of whom maintain a large audience, like comment etiquette. Perhaps trying to prove a point, Comment Etiquette has recently spawned content that criticizes social media platforms for banning people who use racial slang, but the Twitch ban seems unrelated to that content. Is. The Twitch streamer switched to Amazon’s streaming platform after several years on YouTube, and hasn’t created content on the video-sharing website in two weeks.

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After recently taking to Twitch to expand its audience beyond YouTube and Twitter, comment etiquette that has been criticized has already been banned. Given that the Twitch streamer was already aware of a potential ban based on the language he was using, it’s unclear whether the comment etiquette was anticipating the ban. Commenting courtesy of telling his audience how long he would be away, the month-long ban sparked laughter with his community.

Comment etiquette is known for creating content filled with abusive, memes and sarcasm, but its use of language may not be appropriate for Twitch and its banned offenses. The most recent YouTube video of comment courtesy also featured the same word that was banned for use on Twitch, which suggests that he may eventually be punished on the Google platform as well. It’s unlikely that comment etiquette will replace his sense of humor once he returns to Twitch, but he may avoid certain terms and topics because of the ban.

Comment courtesy many members who were watching live may have anticipated his temporary removal from the platform. Twitch streamers have only been banned from the livestreaming platform once, while other Twitch streamers such as xQc, Amouranth, and Destiny have been hit multiple times. Comment courtesy Some fans have expressed support for the Twitch streamer during the 30-day ban, while others have defended Twitchaction of.

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