Students vandalize and steal from schools for viral TikTok challenge

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A viral TikTok challenge is prompting students to shatter glass, steal fire alarms and intentionally lock toilets, The Washington Post reports.

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running news: Dubbed the “Dive Licks Challenge,” students are showing off their “devious licks” on TikTok — with a sped-up version of “Ski Ski BesideGod” by rapper Lil’ B in the background.

  • TikTok announced on Wednesday that it will remove trending videos and redirect related hashtags.

A Tweet already embedded here has been removed or a Tweet from an account that has been suspended or deleted.

  • “We do not allow content that promotes or enables criminal activity,” a TikTok spokesperson told The Washington Post in a statement on Friday.

But, but, but: Students are creating new hashtags — “devil likes” or “devious likes” — to circumvent TikTok’s restrictions, Melissa Loudani, principal of Lawton Chills Middle School in Tallahassee, told The Post.

What are they saying: “It’s all for choice and they seem to have online popularity; They want to be famous,” Laudani said.

  • “It’s not even like the old saying ’15 minutes of fame,’ it’s more like 30 seconds.”
  • “Our patrons are mostly responsible for cleaning,” said Jeffrey P. Haney, spokesman for the Canyon School District in the Salt Lake City suburb.
  • “In this day and age, we’ve asked our patrons to be on the front lines, telling them to make sure our schools are as clean as possible. And every time they have to clean up this mess, it’s going to be a waste of time.” It takes time to create. Our schools are a safe and welcoming environment.”
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