Study: Arctic Ocean started warming much earlier than previously thought

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A new study finds that the Arctic Ocean has warmed by about 2 degrees Celsius since 1900 and began warming much earlier than researchers thought.

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Running news: research, published Wednesday science advance, indicating that the Arctic Ocean began to warm at the beginning of the last century as warm and salty waters were flowing in from the Atlantic – a process known as “Atlantis”.

description: Researchers looked at marine sediments from the Fram Strait, where the Atlantic meets the Arctic.

  • They reconstructed 800 years of data on how Atlantic waters flowed into the Arctic and found temperature and salinity, the salinity of ocean waters, remained fairly constant until a sudden rise in the early 20th century, CNN told,

big picture: Data about Arctic warming are being used to model global sea-level rise as well as predict climate change by researchers.

What are they saying: “The rate of warming in the Arctic is more than twice the global average due to feedback mechanisms,” Co-lead author Dr. Francesco Muscitiello said from Cambridge’s Department of Geography.

  • “Based on satellite measurements, we know that the Arctic Ocean has been warming consistently over the past 20 years, but we wanted to put recent warming in longer context.”
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