Succession season 3, episode 6 recap: Hail to the chief (of Logan's choice)

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Logan Kingmaker.

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There is no cold open in succession this week. Season 3, Episode 6, What It Takes, is straight on business. And that business is the unimaginably wealthy but incredibly morally bankrupt Roy family choosing the next leader of the free world.

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Arriving at a conservative convocation, Roy along with his right-wing brothers is under a cloud to honor the incumbent president. But Logan Roy is the kingmaker. Which leaves the wayward prince, Kendall, out in the cold fast. Things are coming to a head for the Roy family – and for America.

episode 6 is streaming now hbo max, Spoilers ahead!

spoiler ALERT

what do you think i think

Kendall has the best lawyer, the best story, and the fucking receipts. So why is it all slipping through his fingers? There’s a recurring motif on this season of Kendall being something unpleasant or entitled and then playing it up as a joke. “I’m not saying that. I’m saying what you think I think,” he warns his legal team in the episode. Then, he’s self-stuff enough to know that he’s said something he shouldn’t. But he is rich enough that he can say and hope to be there anyway.

His biggest problem is that he thinks he’s smart. He’s knowledgeable enough to hire the best people, but he’s not bright enough to listen to their expertise. At heart Kendall is often just a petulant kid who isn’t told what to do, and that’s about to lose her everything. Meanwhile Logan and Westar are back in the game with a display of legal co-operation, aimed at stalling the investigation until they are ready to turn down the heat.

the next president is in this room

Roy arrives in Virginia for a conservative convention (con-con, if you will), at which movers and shakers meet to find out who can replace Raisin and run for president on such short notice. . The Future Freedom Summit may be a safe place where you don’t have to pretend you like Hamilton, but it still gives off “Berlin bunker vibes.”

In a fairly typical heist genre, we quickly meet a bunch of suitable new characters and have to figure out who’s who. Grand Mucky-Muck is played by Stephen Root, and is probably his real name but he is much easier to remember as Larry Leach. The only thing better than their flirtation is their joke about the cancellation. He may rally the Republican base to anoint a candidate with Logan on whispers, implying that Logan has been dubbed the “ATN primary.”


One man, one vote.

And the claimant? The cartoon bear licking the lips is Vice President Dave. There is Selgado, who goes straight to Shiva with a promise to lock up Logan. And the box office is Jared the alt-right firebrand.

Oh, and Connor. Jesus.

It’s up to Logan to choose the best (for him) from an evil bunch. And despite Shiva’s conscience finally convincing himself, he chooses Jared. Shiva’s newfound family brutality reaches its limit when she shrugs off Logan’s support. His tense tension with his father is heightened when he asks, “Are you part of this family or not?” In the moment, Shiva decides that she stands with the clan.

mom and munion

Another personal blast hits the family as Roman, Kendall and Shiva learn that their mother is remarrying. Lady Caroline Collingwood, seen at Shiva and Tom’s wedding in Season 1 and London in Season 2, is about to marry a care home CEO named Peter Munion.

fan of flamboyant political satire the fat of it Laugh at the name That show was co-written by Armando Iannucci, Simon Blackwell and Tony Roche with Succession producer Jesse Armstrong. And one of the main characters was a conservative conservative politician named Peter Manion,

As glimpsed in a picture on Roman’s phone, Munion appears to be played by Pip Torrance. Torrance played Poldark, Preacher, Patrick Melrose, and Navarro, to suggest Munion would be bad news. But there’s no time coming to the series, possibly meaning Lady Caroline and her new boyfriend could be players in Season 4 (which HBO has confirmed). We’d certainly welcome more Harriet Walter, who would drop the acrimony and give Logan a run for her money.

merry christmas, tom

Terminal Tom has a new nickname: that Christmas tree on which you can hang your crimes. An increasingly wretched Greg goes from suing Greenpeace to asking if Tom will take the rap for him. And Tom resigns and only agrees, disappointed by the man over whom he has any power.

But there’s still a surprise under Tom’s tree. Convinced that he is going to jail, Tom meets with Kendall to see if changing sides will save him from soft food and regular beatings. Kendall tries to flatter Tom, whatever his gift, which is usually Roy’s way of looking at people. Tom may be Kendall’s ace in the hole, but eventually he sticks up instead of turning. “My hunch is that you’re going to mess up,” Tom tells Kendall, “because I’ve seen you mess up a lot… and I’ve never seen Logan mess up once.”

Season 3, Episode 6: What It Takes, airs next Sunday, November 21.

constant thoughts

  • Kendall’s wish list: Immunity, dealing with Westar, and her father finished. “I don’t request because I’m not a DJ” – Lisa tells Arthur Kendall how it is.

  • In previous seasons, guest stars like Holly Hunter influenced the show throughout. This season, whether it is the COVID restrictions or the choice of storytelling to tightly focus on the family, the much-awaited big name addition single-episode guest stars. adrien brody plays episode 4 as a heavyweight shareholder, while Alexander Skarsgard only has one episode left to cast in appearances.

  • Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Kendall is being undone by, of all things, the law of the sea?

  • Roman flagged off a movie called Dr. Honk, the man who could talk to cars. Admit it, you’ll see it.

  • This is something coming up when Greg is the voice of reason, the reason being his country to object.

  • The final episode of the season invites us to Kendall’s 40th birthday party, billed as “Weimar Meets Carthage Meets Dante Meets AI Meets Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug”. We have to see this…

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