Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League lets fans prank call Amanda Waller

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The team behind Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has set up a fake phone number for fans to contact Amanda Waller in order to promote the upcoming game.

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In a secret tweet released to the public, the official Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Twitter Account shared a mysterious phone number titled “Waller has another message for you.”

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According to PlayUpon calling the number, fans will be sent a pre-recorded message from Amanda Waller making a prank call accusing you of being Harley Quinn.


“I know it’s you, Harley,” says Waller, “I’ve given you the weapons, resources, and full sign-off to execute Justice League and you’re here spending my time on prank calls? Stop screwing up and take the target down. Now!”

Calling the number multiple times actually gives you a different response, like A Twitter user replied With the video calling the same number in the original tweet, it seems as though Waller is now talking to Deadshot and asking him to kill Justice League by any means possible.

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For those who don’t want to waste their minutes on fake phone calls, there is an option to text the phone number, which apparently the result Answering in Amanda Waller and asking if you have an “ARGUS Clearance” and providing a link to register with a community group that will give you updates about the game ahead of its release.

Rocksteady’s upcoming Suicide Squad game was First surfaced at DC Fandom in 2020 Where we got our first trailer for the game. good news Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League to appear in this year’s DC Fandom Which is happening at the end of this week.

We haven’t got a release date for this game yet, however it is due sometime in 2022 and will be available PS5handjob xbox series x, and PC.

Just can’t wait to see more of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? take a look at DC Fandom 2021 Latest Trailer.

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