Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang and King Shark are important characters in Suicide Squad who have all appeared in blockbuster films, and have a history in animated DC franchises or comic book source material. Now, as four playable heroes in the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, players get a first look at each character’s repetition in the game.

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Marketing has since focused entirely on the game’s four main characters. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice LeagueAnnouncement, with a narrative teasing of Brainiac as a primary antagonist. Today, it appears that Rocksteady Studios is looking to get fans more excited about the content that will be shown during next weekend’s DC Fandome.


An assortment of developers at Rocksteady have collaborated to share personalized character art today Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. These single pieces are ultimately derived from the official ensemble’s major art, with the title logo showing all of them together, but each character being seen closely in separate parts. Much detail can be seen on each character’s individual art as it is shared by devs, with each dev providing a short tagline that suits the anti-hero associated with it.

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Deadshot’s individual character piece is first shared through marketing game manager Gaz Deeves; Harley Quinn is then shared with associate producer Holly Gordon; Captain Boomerang is shared via sound designer Ally Johnson; and King Shark is shared via advanced VFX artist Hanno Hinkelbein. It appears that each character will have some unique feature in the gameplay, whether they are focused on melee or long range, and the details of each character reflect their distinct personality.

Because Rocksteady’s Seminal Batman: Arkham The series generated so much passion and excitement from players, it’s an especially big departure for the developer’s latest title to be a four-player cooperative multiplayer game. But fans of DC Comics and Rocksteady’s past work with DC characters may still be excited to experience these characters, who are generally regarded as supervillains.

Rocksteady is yet to feature members of its Titanic superhero group in addition to Superman, who appeared in the game’s original poster marketing and then briefly Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice LeagueRevealed trailer. Perhaps fans will get a glimpse of one or more Justice League characters, serving as sub-adversaries against the player’s protagonist-turned-suicide squad.

Gameplay, in general, has yet to be shown, so there may be a lot more to look forward to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League on 16 October.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League In development for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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