What to look forward to: Summer Game Fest has taken the lead in presenting all of the new video game announcements that usually happen in June (there was no E3). A lot of new footage for new and already announced games has been revealed this week. But this is just the beginning, and more game shows are planned for the next few days.

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This year’s Summer Game Fest featured new footage from upcoming games including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Street Fighter 6, Callisto Protocol and more.

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We’ve compiled the biggest trailers here, along with the full stream archive (see above).

The Last of Us: Part 1

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Rumors about a remake of the first part of Last of Us for the PlayStation 5 have been around for a long time. Naughty Dog has completely redesigned the 2013 action-packed survival game with next-gen graphics and improved gameplay. It’s coming to PS5 on September 2nd, with a PC version coming later. The multiplayer mode will be launched later as a standalone game.

Callisto Protocol

This year’s Summer Game Fest featured several sci-fi horror games. Among them was the Callisto protocol from the original Dead Space development team. A new gameplay trailer shows that, like its spiritual predecessor, Callisto Protocol is a third-person survival horror game filled with monsters and gore. It will release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles on December 2nd.

Street Fighter 6

capcom disclosed gameplay footage from Street Fighter 6 last week at Sony State of Play. We’re now getting our first glimpse of how longtime series character Guile is handling the upcoming game. We can expect more Street Fighter 6 footage from Capcom. presentation June 13th. Capcom will release a multi-platform game next year.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

In the absence of E3, Summer Game Fest continued the annual tradition of revealing the campaign level from the next Call of Duty game. This year, Modern Warfare II shows us a mission on a boat during a storm. As the ship rocks back and forth, we can see the cover move from side to side, and eventually the water rushes inward, which affects both the player and the enemies. The game will release on October 28 for both consoles and PC, bringing the franchise back to Steam after a five-year absence.

Storm Gate

The team of ex-Blizzard developers who worked on Warcraft III and StarCraft have unveiled Stormgate, a free-to-play RTS that combines sci-fi and fantasy elements. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, the game will have an optimized and accessible experience in solo, co-op and PvP gameplay. A beta version is planned for next year.

Memory 2

Flashback 2, the sequel to the classic side-scrolling PC game, is now slated for release this winter on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, with a Nintendo Switch version coming next year. The new game features the original 2D platformer and shooting games with modern graphics, and the developers who worked on the first game are back.

Marvel Midnight Suns

Created by XCOM creator Firaxis, the comic book-themed tactical RPG Marvel Midnight Suns was originally supposed to release by now, but was delayed until October 7th. This week the game received a new trailer showing off Spider-Man and Venom.


Another space horror game at Summer Game Fest is Routine. It was announced back in 2012 and has been AWOL since 2016. Lunar Software and Raw Fury have reimagined it with brand new graphics and a soundtrack from Doom Eternal’s Mick Gorden (who we don’t hear from the trailer). There is no release date yet, but many are excited to see proof of life. Regular is planned for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series consoles and will be coming to Game Pass at launch.

Zenless Zone Zero

Genshin Impact has released a new trailer for its urban action game Zenless Zone Zero. With a colorful visual style similar to Genshin, Zenless Zone Zero invites players to explore changing mazes with multiple playable characters. There is no release date, but the closed beta for PC and iOS will start soon.

saints row

Along with the new trailer, Deep Silver has released a full character editor for the upcoming Saints Row reboot. Players can download free on the Epic Games Store, and on both generations of Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The full version of the game for these platforms will be released on August 23rd.

Other games featured included Witchfire, Fort Solis, Highwater, American Arcadia, Goat Simulator 3, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, Neon White, Midnight Fight Express, Honkai Starrail, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, One Piece Odyssey, Soul Hackers 2, Metal Hellsinger . , Nightingale, Warhammer Darktide, Layers of Fears and Gotham Knights. Over the next week, there will probably be more games on IGN Expo, Netflix Fan Week 2022, Tribeca Games Review, Future Games Show, Xbox and Bethesda presentation, and Game show for PC.