Later super smash bros ultimate Producer Masahiro Sakurai announced Kingdom HeartsSora as the game’s final DLC character, he mimicked Sora’s abilities to post images of Kirby on Twitter – as is the tradition whenever a new fighter is released. However, while these illustrations show Kirby using Sora’s wide range of magical abilities, they do not show the pink puffballs deftly using Sora’s keyblade, confusing those who have never played. Kingdom Hearts.

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In a recent tweet with images of Sora and Sora-Kirby practicing magic together, Sakurai clarified why Kirby doesn’t use Sora’s keyblade whenever he uses his abilities. The simple answer is that he can’t. While Kirby’s copy abilities are stronger than those of his original owners, he can’t force Sora’s Keyblade, or any other for that matter, to come to him and force anyone to play. Kingdom Hearts Maybe the reason already knows.


“Only a selected keyblade player can use a keyblade” is more or less a translation of Sakurai’s tweet, and it’s in line with Kingdom Hearts Knowledge. Keyblades have a mind of their own and will refuse to work for anyone other than their chosen fielder or close ties to their chosen one. In other words, before Kirby can run with his new friend’s keyblade, he must be able to steer one without the ability to copy, and to do so, he must have a “strong heart”.

Sakurai confirmed my theory from last week: “Only a Keyblade Wilder can use a Keyblade” From
smashbros ultimate

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Kingdom Hearts has also dealt with this “copy” concept in its own theory. Kingdom Hearts 3 Mind AgainKa’s final boss, Yozora, can temporarily take Sora’s keyblade away from him and mimic his magic-generating abilities. However, because he is not a chosen Keyblade wielder, Yozora cannot physically use the Keyblade or keep it away from Sora for very long because the weapon will always return to his chosen wielder, regardless Wilder himself did not want it.

It is important to note that while Kirby has a “pure heart”, that is not synonymous with “strong heart”, as a person like Master Zehnort can freely use hundreds of keyblades while being as evil as they can be. . Now, if it was only up to Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts’ The director, Tetsuya Nomura, may have designed a keyblade for Kirby to use, but as it stands, Disney may complicate such a thing because he has a controlling interest. Kingdom Hearts Property. Some speculate why it was so hard to get Sora into company super smash bros ultimate in the first place.

super smash bros ultimate Available on Nintendo Switch.

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