super smash bros ultimate is an extremely popular game, with an extensive roster of nearly 100 different characters to choose from. While the latest incarnation of the beloved franchise includes all the fighters in the realm of video games, one fan imagines whether super smash bros ultimate It would seem that if it happened in family Guy.

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The Cornerstone Nintendo Switch title was first released in December 2018, but recently revealed the end of its DLC content after nearly three years. After several alleged leaks and rumours, Sora Kingdom Hearts was found to be super smash bros ultimateof The Last Fighter, an addition that many deemed impossible due to the character’s ties to Disney.


Posted on the popular subreddit r/NintendoSwitch, a user shows off his epic rendition of the Keynote from the handle DownrightShoddy super smash bros ultimate Poster The entirety of the poster imitates the typical cartoon style especially for family Guy, which includes many creative and humorous artistic options family Guy across characters. Picchu is Stevie, Seamus is Samus, and Evil Monkey plays Diddy Kong. Kirby appears to have absorbed Peter Griffin, while the chicken he frequently fights with appears to be Captain Falcon.

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If fans take a really close look, Olimar even has the face of Meg in Mr. Saturn. There is the possibility of drawing pictures, along with many other funny scenes super smash bros ultimate And family Guy Fans crack a smile. However, this is not the first time SupremeThe K roster has been remodeled from a different location to a distinctive art style. Earlier this year, another super smash bros ultimate Fan went viral for everyone’s drawing thunder fighter in cuphead art style. Fans praised cuphead version as family Guy, appreciating his unique idea of ​​portraying the entire roster in a different style.

Unfortunately for Peter Griffin and the rest family Guy characters, none of them were included as real super smash bros ultimate Fighters, although one of them may come in another popular video game. Several months ago a datamine suggested that Peter might be coming. fortnite As one of the many crossover characters in Battle Royale. Although there has been no recent update on the rumors of Peter leaving the game, fortnite Pop culture is known for its vast array of skins, which means it should be well within the realm of possibility.

This hilarious poster already has around 8,000 upvotes at the time of writing, and is sure to get more in the coming days. While other popular characters such as Waluigi and auraWhile Master Chief might not have made the cut this time around, players can expect him to appear in the next iteration of the long-running fighting game series.

super smash bros ultimate Now available on Nintendo Switch.

Why was it so hard for Sora to enter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

With the hype for Kingdom Hearts coming to Sora’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it’s easy to forget that it was hard for her to join the game.

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