Swing voters’ split feelings about Afghanistan

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Some swing voters say they are very disappointed with the implementation of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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yes but: He doesn’t believe former President Trump would have handled it better than President Biden, and the issue is far less important to him than keeping the pandemic under control.

big picture: These are the latest from Nerdshala. were some of the major parts of Angious / Schlesinger Focus Group. The September 14 session included 10 swing-state voters from across the country who supported Trump in 2016 but switched to Biden in 2020.

  • Although a focus group is not a statistically significant sample like a survey, responses can reveal how some voters in important states are thinking and talking about current events.

why it matters: Images of chaos, deaths, uncertainty, a US retreat and the immediate rise of the Taliban made negative headlines. It has also created a major crisis for a president who lived on the credibility, competence and propensity of his foreign policy for peace and order.

  • The political question is how damaging an exit from Afghanistan will be for Biden and his party, in the mid-2022 midterm, in which Republicans could retake one or both houses of Congress.

description: Nine out of 10 said they agreed with Biden’s decision to withdraw but were unhappy with the way it was carried out.

  • Seven out of 10 said the level of chaos was No is inevitable, and more planning should have been done in its implementation.
  • Only one in 10 said they believed Trump would have handled it better.
  • All 10 voters said the pandemic would be a more important issue for them than Afghanistan when the midterm elections were held.
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What are we watching: Voters said their perception of Biden was affected as a result of Afghanistan’s withdrawal. It shook his faith in his leadership and forced him to reconnect with daily news coverage – something he had burned through during the Trump era.

  • Voters said they would be pleased to be able to largely ignore the news so far.
  • Stephanie C., of North Carolina, 38, said she now intends to keep a close eye on the president’s handling of international issues.
  • “I was devastated by the way everything went down,” said Alyssa S., 53, of Florida.

Bottom-line: “The only silver lining for Biden is that he doesn’t think Trump would have handled the withdrawal any better,” said chairman Rich Thau. Attractive, who conducted the focus groups.

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