2022 has begun and with it the excitement for the Nintendo Switch is rebuilding. While 2021 wasn’t without its gems on the Switch, it was a slow year for the platform. 2022, however, wants to recreate some of the console’s momentum, starting with several key specifications. there is pokemon legends arcus Looking to start the year, and March Square Enix is ​​an RPG that many are hoping is something special. triangle strategyThe launch is drawing near, as the ESRB has now reaffirmed.

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an official rating for triangle strategy Just published by the ESRB, the independent rating board of the United States for video games. The rating provided some initial details about triangle strategy RPG fans should rejoice, as Square Enix has been surprisingly quiet about the game’s story and systems so far. The basics are already known, that triangle strategy is an RPG with tactical turn-based combat, as well as a heavy narrative featuring character interactions and dialogue options.


What kind of mature material . The ESRB rating goes into some depth with regard to triangle strategy will feature. without touching any spoilers, triangle strategy Will feature some erotic obscene language, as well as several on-screen deaths. However, don’t expect these deaths to be particularly gruesome. triangle strategy kept the material cool enough to manage a “Tea for Teen” rating from the ESRB, such as Fire Emblem: Three Houses for switch.

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ESRB Rating for Triangle Strategy

What the ESRB proves, relevantly, is that triangle strategy Getting closer to its previously announced release date of March 4. There was some concern that Square Enix’s lack of new information about the game could mean there is a delay. However, this ESRB rating should put that speculation to rest. Square Enix is ​​just waiting until close to launch to start advertising its upcoming tactical RPG.

Can’t Share A Lot Of Information About Square Enix triangle strategy, but it has released few details. For example, a trailer three weeks ago that focused on triangle strategy Protagonist Roland Glenbrook was shared online. Roland is one of the game’s three main characters, with all three focusing on the epic storyline of the RPG.

Don’t be surprised if Square Enix drops additional trailers over the next two months, focusing on the other two. triangle strategy Heroes, Story, War, and more. Nintendo and Square Enix fans alike have high hopes that triangle strategy The legacy of the classic Square Enix strategy games lives up to.

triangle strategy Will release on Switch on March 4.

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