Video games being adapted for TV is something that is in vogue at the moment, with studios choosing to convert several franchises into live-action or animated series for the “small screen”. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City The latest is the announcement, the official trailer of which was unveiled only last week. Now, the classic sci-fi PC title system shock, another beloved horror series, will join the ranks of other adaptations, as this too will turn into a TV series.

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According to a tweet by Bing, the streaming service that combines watching with gaming, system shock It will be adapted into a live-action series in association with Nightdive Studios, the developer behind the remastered version of the game. According to a report by PC Gamer, Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick has said that he thought an adaptation of the game would be interesting, adding that it was the “perfect medium” to retell the “annoying story” that happened in the first place. Is. Play.


While Kik doesn’t explicitly mention whether Shodan will be involved in the TV adaptation, he does talk about the world’s “rogue AI” which is almost certainly a reference to the game’s antagonist. Possibly one of the most notable characters in the franchise, and perhaps one of the most memorable horror villains in recent gaming history, Shodan will also feature. system shock 3, which is supposedly still in development, but the studio has changed since then.

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original and awesome system shock came out in 1994, pre-dating such horror classics resident Evil, and while it didn’t make much of an impact on the world of PC gaming, the follow-up did. suitable title system shock 2, Which was released in 1999, became an instant classic with a mix of science fiction horror and role-playing elements. While it is visually dated, with it now being 22 years old at this point, it is still an impressive entry in the series, with the game’s designer, Ken Levine, going on to make it bioshock series that takes many aspects system shock.

While the third installment is still being developed, system shock The reboot is probably going to happen this year. Some new gameplay footage was shown a few months ago, with an estimated launch date of summer 2021. However, it appears that it has been pushed back. everything, it seems system shock is coming back to cultural consciousness after a short hiatus. The upcoming TV adaptation will certainly be an interesting way to show the horrors that happened at the Citadel station in a different way.

NS system shock The live-action TV series is currently in development.

Source: pc gamer

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