System Shock is being made into a live-action series

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Nightdive Studios teaming up with upcoming livestreaming platform To bring System Shock, the cult-favorite shooter about a hacker who battles an evil AI on a corporate space station, to the small screen.

Stephen Kick, CEO of Nightdive Studios, said, “I’ve always believed that a live-action adaptation of System Shock would be the perfect medium to retell the painful story of the Citadel Station and its evil AI, which leads the crew into unimaginable horror. Is.” “We at Bing are so excited to see the talented team bring System Shock to life in terrifyingly real and new ways.”


The Citadel Station is the setting for the original System Shock, released in 1994. Owned by the Tri-Optimal Corporation, it is controlled by an AI named Shodan, who becomes a renegade when a hacker – that would be you, being good – removes his moral restrictions during a heist. The bad news comes quickly: Shodan decides it’s a god and sets off on a plan to destroy most of humanity and dominate the rest, aided by the crew of the former Citadel station, now terrifying. have been mutated and cybernetically enhanced.

Developed by Looking Glass Studios, System Shock was not a huge hit, but it was critically acclaimed and was enough to warrant a sequel. System Shock 2, the first game developed by Ken Levine’s then-new Irrational Games, came out in 1999, and was also a huge critical success that failed to sell very well. Looking Glass closed its doors shortly thereafter but Irrational continued to advance and found much success with the formula in subsequent BioShock games.

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Nightdive, which acquired the rights to the series in 2015, is currently working on a remake of the original game and, as far as we know, an “enhanced version” of System Shock 2; System Shock 3 is also in development, but it’s been a bit rough, and we haven’t heard anything about it since May 2020, when Tencent took over the project from Otherside Entertainment.

System Shock is the second game-based series announced by it’s also working on a show based on Ubisoft’s Idle Driver series. is set to go live sometime in 2022, and more information about it on System Shock will be revealed “in the coming months.” Hopefully this will include confirmation that voice actor Terry Bros. is involved: as we said in an early look at the System Shock reboot, “Terry Bros. is Shodan,” and I can’t imagine anyone else killing the crazy machine. giving voice.

And now that I’m thinking about it, I want to play it again.

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