Over the past several years, Grammy Award-winning artist T-Pain has made a name for himself as a video game streamer. The “Blame It” singer is known for her wide selection of games, spanning nearly every major genre. His latest collection appears to be forza horizon 5, in which T-Pain made an impressive impression of the late comedian Chris Farley.

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Launching about a month ago, Playground Games’ forza horizon 5 It has been extensively reviewed by many fans online with many claiming it to be the best ever in the series. However, the racing game has suffered from major online multiplayer and co-op problems some developers are actively working to fix.


Clipped from his regular Twitch stream and posted to the subreddit r/forzahorizon, the video shows T-Pain in the middle forza horizon 5Key Reservorio Sprint Race. Although Power The series is known for its supercar brands, with T-Pain driving a van instead – the Ford Supervan 3, to be exact. Leading the pack with seconds to go, T-Pain starts cracking down on his van as he beat supercars, quoting Chris Farley’s famous SNL A van down the river in the line of Matt Foley’s “Livin’!” he repeats the line between laughter as he crosses the finish line.

T-Pain wins race in van, turns into Chris Farley From
Forza Horizon

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The iconic line is extremely applicable to their situation, and anyone who is old enough to know the line is sure to crack at least one smile. T-Pain is known for his bubbly and boisterous personality when streaming, though he doesn’t shy away from getting more serious when pushed. Earlier this year, a story went viral about T-Pain wiping out an entire team of racists. Duty Players are being harassed through voice chat. After hearing hateful and racist speech in a lobby, T-Pain lowers the hammer and single-handedly kills the entire team.

T-Pain certainly appreciates Chris Farley’s famous personality, and he’s not alone. Ubisoft’s popular title the division It also featured the Chris Farley Easter Egg, or one of his character Matt Foley. Players who contact an NPC named Victor Wright will discover their description states, “Lives in a van down the river.” The humorous Easter Egg and the spirited impression of T-Pain go to show just how lasting an impact the late comedian has been.

While T-Pain may be considered an A-list celebrity, and would never live in a van by the river, his actions make him appear to be a man of the people. The artist creates royalty-free beats for streamers, a work that even Matt Foley would be proud of.

forza horizon 5 Now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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