A large portion of gamers are currently wondering when the next grand theft auto The game will turn its head back from the abyss. With gta 5 Achieving crazy lifetime sales, it’s a surprise Rockstar hasn’t jumped at the opportunity to move on to the next installment. However, with the 2013 release gta online, currently being incredibly profitable for the company, is in no hurry to move up to number six. However, there may be a ray of hope on the horizon, and it comes in the form of a financial report.

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According to VGC, which cites a recent article published on Nerdshala, there is a possibility that Grand Theft Auto 6 In the next few years, March 2024 could be a little more precise. How it reached that conclusion boils down to Take-Two’s analysis of the financial update, which may point to the above date. Analysts interpreting the information said the company expects annual growth of 14% in 2024, indicating that a bigger IP could emerge that year, especially in the first quarter.


One analyst has said that this growth may be short-lived as Rockstar is scheduled to release something bigger around this time, which would explain such “belief” in development. Take-Two Has Already Been Achieved farm Ville Producer Zynga recently for a record $12.7 billion, which hints at potential mobile ports of Rockstar titles, including GTA And read dead redemption, In general, it looks like the holding company has a lot to offer.

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Take-Two Interactive's Zynga Acquisition Logo

Of course, it needs to be said at this stage that these are mere speculations. While fans would love to know about the whereabouts of Grand Theft Auto 6Of course, the truth is that the studio has been pretty silent about whether it’s even in development. The report is even saying that there is a possibility that this date could be wrong, given that gta 5 There was a delay until the end of 2013. But the news still points to some glimmer of hope for at least one launch year.

with the devastating launch of Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition Last November, fans have definitely been hungry for something new in the franchise. The remastered trilogy sees improvements, and Rockstar has apologized for how bad the launch was, but it’s safe to assume that gta 6 What are fans really doing? But even if interpretations are to be believed, it may be at least two more years until it sees the light of day.

Grand Theft Auto 6 There is talk of development.

Source: VGC, axios

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