Tales of Arise beginner’s guide

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NS Tales of The series is slowly growing in popularity over time, but the latest entry, rise tales, Has caught the attention of mainstream gamers. Thanks to a high budget, this new JRPG from Bandai Namco has engaging visuals, engaging combat, and a wealth of content and systems to sink your teeth into. Similar to Final Fantasy games, most Tales games are stand-alone experiences. made of tales of rise A perfect place for anyone interested in the series and see what makes this series so unique.

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If this is your first Tales game, or even if you’ve been following the series for years, tales of rise You have tons of unique mechanics and systems that you need to learn, as well as variations on familiar ones from the series’ past. Learning a new JRPG can seem overwhelming, and knowing what to do in the early hours will pay off in a big way as you progress further and further into the main story. Instead of messing with all the weird words and obscure mechanics, our beginner’s guide will make sure your search starts off smoothly tales of rise.

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Combat Basics

Elfen is killing a pig monster with a sword.

Thankfully combat is one of those areas tales of rise It’s tutorial and explained in the game itself, so we don’t need to cover the most basic concepts. Plus, there are some handy tips that will make your battles a whole lot easier while exploring the world or dungeoning.


Cure Points, or CP, are an area that you need to monitor more than you think. In previous Tales games, you usually only had one meter to manage all of your offensive, defensive, and healing arts. In rise tales, There are two: Soul Gauge for attacks and Cure Points for healing. Another variation is that each character does not have their own pool of CP, but rather the entire party shares an amount. CP is not restored normally; This is another area we’ll cover next, so be careful when spending them. If your party is wiped out during a fight, the game will automatically use your CP to heal your party. If you don’t have any, you will still be brought back, but with only 1 HP.

When in combat, it can be easy to forget that you have complete control over the entire party, not just Alphen. Remember to swap between different characters on the fly depending on the situation by holding down the left trigger and pressing a direction on the D-pad to choose which one you want to control. Even if a fight doesn’t call for it, getting some variety by playing as new characters will keep the game fresh.

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On the note of controlling your party, you will probably come across situations where they are not doing what you want them to do. However, you don’t need to manually switch them to get them back on track. By pressing the left trigger again, you can aim the enemy with the left stick to keep your team focused on your intended target. Each party member can set their AI to different behaviors while in auto mode. You can be very finicky, even telling what item they’ll use at what health range so you never have them waste a recovery item on someone who only lost 5% HP Have given

Lastly, don’t neglect your art. If you’re new to Tales, artes are basically skills or abilities your characters can use during combat that are unlocked using them, as well as leveling up. Like the CP, Artes uses its own gauge called the Artes gauge or AG. Different Artes will cost different amounts of AG, but don’t skimp with them. They are used in combos and to exploit the weaknesses of various enemies. Each Arte can be magnified up to five times, represented by one to five stars, so the more you use them, they only get better. AG will slowly build back up over time, but more slowly if you’re attacking.

The weaknesses should be readily apparent to any JRPG fan, and follow a general fundamental formula. Fire is weaker than water, earth is weaker than air, and light is weaker than darkness. standard stuff.

how to earn combat points

Cure Point, as briefly mentioned earlier, has a new system tales of rise used for treatment. Combat Points, not to be confused, are awarded after each battle you win. However, you don’t only get a set number of combat points for defeated enemies. Instead, there are several variables you should pay attention to to determine how much you earn per fight. There are also things you can do in battle that will earn you money Low Combat points you’ll want to avoid.

The best part to earn Combat Points is that battle chain streaks can be built up to level six, which you can see as the diamond icon at the bottom of your minimap. When the diamond is blue, it is at maximum level. You can do it most easily by winning the fight, but then, what do you do? In Fighting is the main area for attention. To earn more points, and thus more combat points, you can do several things:

  1. Defeat Unique Enemies
  2. Use Boost Strike
  3. Beat Giant Zuggles
  4. Use Boost Attack
  5. Take Down Enemies Using Boost Attacks
  6. Fight a large number of enemies at once
  7. Take advantage of enemy weaknesses
  8. reach a high combo
  9. win the battle quickly

Things that can lower your score include:

  1. lose a fight
  2. being knocked over
  3. using items during battle
  4. it takes a long time to win

In addition to fights, you can also use an item called Happy Bottles to automatically give your battle chain a 2.5x multiplier. Keep in mind that your Battle Chain Gauge will automatically start going down if you avoid fighting for too long, avoid camp, or if you run away from a fight.

rob everything

While you’re admiring the stunning scenery and landscapes rise tales, You are the little sparkle that grabs your attention. These are indicating that some kind of resource is available to collect, either as raw material or as a chest. Most gamers will feel compelled to move out of the way to grab these sparkles, but some may not see the value of when they’ve picked up their 10th Mushroom or Rock, but your time to loot every area as much as you can. More than .

two very important mechanics in rise tales, Which we’ll cover as well, depending on whether you have a ton of resources. All those ingredients will be very important for cooking, and crafting items have many uses. Even after you create items that use more rare items, the items you find are still useful because they are needed to unlock new skills associated with certain items.

In addition, there are some quests scattered around that ask you to collect x quantity of certain things. If you have been diligent about scraping the areas, you may already have what is needed and you can end the quest as soon as it begins.

feed your party

The two main characters of Tales of Erase interact.

Whip up your chef’s hat, because you’re going to be cooking a ton. Cooking mechanics has always been emphasized throughout the Tales series, and tales of rise does not deviate from that tradition. if you have played Final Fantasy 15, then this system will be somewhat familiar to you, but perhaps even more important here. Every time you go camping, you’re offered the option of preparing a meal for your team, and you’ll almost always want to do that. Depending on what ingredients you’ve found on your list, along with the recipes you’ve discovered and unlocked up to that point, you can cook meals with different hobbyists.

just like ff 15, each meal will give different bonus for different time. And each of the 38 total recipes gives you tons of different buffs, such as raw EXP boosts, attack buffs, defensive buffs, restoring HP after combat, increased drop rates, and more. You can only cook one meal each time you rest, and you can’t stack them again by resting, so you’ll want to plan your meals based on what you anticipate needing to move forward. would be required.

Not everyone is equally skilled in the kitchen, however, even when following the same recipe. Experiment with cooking different characters to see how they affect amateurs.

Food effects are represented by a fork and knife icon at the bottom of your minimap. Once the color is completely gone and they disappear, the buff is gone.

break those barriers

Rounding back to those combat points, here’s what you’ll be happy to store them in. in different places tales of rise Gate off will be done and Combat Points will need to be opened. These can range from areas you have to visit to progress the story, areas with higher loot values, or more convenient routes between regions. The most common obstacles are blocking treasure, but they’re still worth depleting your combat points to unlock. You can expect some high-level weapons, armor, and rare healing items inside. Sometimes they even have items that increase characters’ permanent stat!

make your own weapons

You will often equip and change weapons rise tales, But the game never really tells you how best to go about managing your old gear and getting new content. Unlike some JRPGs, the economy is actually pretty tight in this game. Unless you do some serious grinding, you won’t find yourself with a lot of cash to splurge, which may prompt you to sell your old gear. Go ahead and sell off any old armor, but don’t give up on those old weapons just yet.

Creating new weapons is essential to keeping up with the difficulty of the game, which again always goes back to looting as much as possible. However, eventually new forging options will open up that will let you upgrade existing weapons to make them viable again. If you sold those old weapons, you obviously won’t be able to upgrade them and will need to make new ones, wasting more resources and money.

hunting for the title

The cast of Tales of Arise sees a light in the sky.

Titles are back, too, with cooking, skits, and a few other staples from Tales Games Tales of…

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