Talking Tech: Imagine printing your next home; how to detect security cameras on airbnbs

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Thursday, last day of June, Talking Tech readers. While I’m figuring out if a food delivery app can travel across the country to bring me Taco Bell dish served on a giant Cheez-Ittake a moment to check out this week’s tech news.

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Let’s start with technology and the future of housing. Home prices have skyrocketed (pun intended) and buyers are desperately looking for affordable solutions.

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One intriguing option: 3D printed houses. Giant printers use a special concrete mix to create walls and ceilings and then send them to the site for assembly. This process involves little waste and costs half the cost of traditional house building.

We are still in the early stages of 3D printed houses. One company is building homes in communities in California, and the nonprofit organization Habitat for Humanity is testing 3D-printed homes in Arizona and Virginia.

What else happened in technology?

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Happy birthday iPhone. Apple’s flagship phone turns 15 this week. The new iPhone will arrive this fall. Let’s take a look at how much smartphones have changed over the years..

Layoffs in technology. Recently, job cuts in this sector have jumped due to ongoing fears of a recession..

Time for a new wireless plan? Here’s how to find the right carrier and plan for you.

Social media. Facebook and Instagram began deleting posts offering abortion pills following the Supreme Court ruling..

Thursday Tech Council

Remember the classics Rockwell song “Someone’s Watching Me” from the 80s? Definitely not what you want to feel when you check in to Airbnb, VRBO or other vacation accommodations. Here’s how to find hidden surveillance cameras in your rental property.

Fourth, readers! Leave me a cheeseburger.

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