Talking Tech: It’s finally time to say goodbye to the iPod

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Thursday is here, Talking Tech readers. It’s Brett Molina back with a fresh batch of tech headlines this week.

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Tuesday marked the end of an era for Apple. tech giant discontinued its latest iPod, iPod touch. The device, which looks like an iPhone without the real part of the phone, will still be available for purchase “while stocks last.”

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Personally, I will always remember that early iPod commercial. You know, advertising with dancing silhouettes on a colorful background with their bright white iPods and matching headphones? You knew there was a new iPod as soon as you saw the new song and the set of dancing silhouettes.

My first iPod was the iPod Shuffle because of course Apple products are expensive and I had to wait until the iPod was close to $100 to consider it.

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Even without the screen, the Shuffle was worth it. So many songs could be placed on a device that resembled chewing gum. Coming from the CD Walkman era, my reaction to the Shuffle and MP3 players of the time was just around the corner. Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreationafter a colleague put all his music on the iPod: “Tom put all my records in this rectangle! Play one by one. It’s a great rectangle!”

But now my rectangle doesn’t just play music. It’s also a phone, a messaging tool, an email client, and basically a tiny supercomputer that my family believes is permanently connected to my body.

But most of us will never forget the iPod.

What else happened in technology?

Latest news about Elon Musk. The billionaire and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX said that if his deal to buy Twitter is approved, it will lift the permanent ban on former President Donald Trump.

New technology law in Texas. The law will allow any state resident banned from social media platforms for their political views to sue.

Two answers in your daily Wordle? Yeah it happened again this week. Twice.

Rowe vs. Wade and Internet Privacy. A possible decision to reverse the fateful decision raises concerns about abortion rights and data privacy.

Thursday Tech Council

Fun fact you might not know: your smartphone is also a very handy scanner. Here how to use your smartphone to digitize text or sign forms.

Good Friday evening! And thanks for reading.

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