Task Force Z makes the Suicide Squad formula even more brutal

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Suicide Squad has always been a dark concept, but what if you add the idea of ​​a zombified villain to the mix?

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DC’s upcoming series Task Force Z As it does, former Robin Jason Todd (who has some experience coming back from the dead) puts back his Red Hood moniker on a mission to recruit a group of dead villains – with dangling hope they will be completely Can be revived if they complete the job.

Task Force Z is written by Matthew Rosenberg, with art by penciler Eddie Burroughs, Incar Eber Ferreira and colorist Adriano Lucas. Check out this illiterate preview of Task Force Z #1:


“Task Force Z begs the simple question ‘What if we messed up Suicide Squad even more? Rosenberg writes in his newspaper. “The Red Hood is in charge of a team of recently deceased villains as they work for a chance to literally get their lives back.”

The Red Hood team consists of resurrected dead villains and heroes who were killed in Infinite Frontier #0 as a result of the Joker’s A-Day attack on Gotham City. Their initial line-up is Bane, Man-Bat, Mr. Bloom, The Arkham Knight and a new character called Sundowner.

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“But more bodies will be added along the way, I promise,” Rosenberg says. One of those “more bodies” appears to be a recently killed deadshot, at least according to the description. Task Force Z #3.

The author is worth noting that Task Force Z is in continuity with DC’s main superhero books, most notably tying in the recent Red Hood serial Batman: Urban Legends.

Task Force Z is being created with a backup story Detective Comics #1041, #1042, And #1043 Rosenberg with artists Derrick Robertson and Diego Rodriguez.

Task Force Z series artist Eddie Barrow designed the primary cover for Task Force Z #1, featuring coming from Tyler Kirkham, Ben Oliver, Rodolfo Migliari, Dan Mora, Kyle Hotz (two volumes), Lucio Parrillo (three volumes). Variants covered. and Philip Tan (A Things from Another World Exclusive). Check them out here:

Task Force Z #1 goes on sale on October 26th.

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