Tatsumeeko wants to add a metaverse to Discord

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Tatsumeeko“MMORPG-lite” game on Ethereum and Solana developed by the team behind the cross-platform ecosystem. Tatsu.GG, announced today that it has raised $7.5 million in seed funding. The round was hosted by DeFiance Capital, Delphi Ventures, and BITKRAFT Ventures, with participation from investors such as Binance Labs, Animoca Brands, Dialectic, and GuilldFi. The funding will be used to continue the development of Tatsumeeko.

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Thus, the total amount raised by the company in two rounds was $8.1 million.

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Created to gamify and engage the Discord community, Tatsu.GG currently has 60 million users and 1.4 million Discord communities. It was launched in 2016 when its founding team saw an opportunity to build a Web3 gaming community on Discord, increasing user retention, engagement, and engagement.

Tatsumeeko will be an RPG game available through Discord, iOS, Android, and the web. It centers around a world called Ielia where players can fight monsters, form communities, and meet other players. In the process, they also get introduced to crypto and NFT, in what the team calls a “seamless” way.

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With the introductory version of the game reaching 60,000 monthly active users and 4.5 million items sold, Tatsumeeko is now set to launch a wider version with main and side story quests, co-op raids, dimensional invasions, and player-to-environment battles. Rewards for game tokens.

NFT projects can directly integrate into Tatsumeeko through their Discord. In early July, there will be an initial sale of Ethereal Plots, or plots of land that provide useful and special attributes to collectors and players who interact with them. Last November, the game launched the Meekolony Pass, a series of 10,000 Solan genesis NFTs that give owners benefits, rewards, and airdrops for items in Tatsumeeko.

Tatsumeeko’s goal is to reach other social platforms such as QQ, WeChat and Telegram, as well as the Ethereum and Solana communities.

Co-founder David Lim said he wanted to create an MMORPG-lite because he grew up playing traditional MMORPGs like Everquest, Guild Wards, Maplestory and, most recently, FInal Fantasy XIV.

But MMORPGs take a lot of time and effort from players to fully enjoy the game, he added. On the other hand, Tatsumeeko aims to combine the best parts of an MMORPG such as a strong story, social features, exploration, character development, quests, and combat without the time-consuming tasks of completing levels. Instead, they are automated for the players.

“MMORPGs have always been really good at one thing — helping build organic communities,” Lim told TechCrunch. “What we’re doing with Tatsumeeko is we’re taking this concept and applying it to Discord where there are already a lot of communities and helping those communities accelerate their growth in the areas of community engagement, retention and user acquisition.”

Tatsumeeko is intended to be used not only by players, but also by companies, games, and NFT projects as a framework to integrate their own projects into the Discord ecosystem and build a community, provide value to their NFTs, and build brand awareness through the communities where the game is available. on the.

“Perhaps you can think of it like instead of building a metaverse and trying to move entire Discord communities to the metaverse, we are bringing the metaverse to Discord with Tatsumeeko,” Lim said.

For people unfamiliar with cryptography and NFTs, Tatsumeeko will serve as an introduction, targeting both Web2 and Web3 players. Lim said that people can start playing the game without creating a wallet, without buying NFTs or cryptocurrencies. “You can think of us as using crypto and NFT technology behind the scenes to ensure that our players have more control over their gaming assets if they so desire,” he said.

“For a long time, games have been really good at teaching players completely new concepts,” Lim added. “This also includes trading and buying in-game assets and currencies on Tatsumeeko’s own marketplace.”

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