With the start of October, many live-service games began revealing or introducing their in-game Halloween events. team Fortress 2, Valve’s team-based multiplayer shooter, was no different. The Scream Fortress XIII Halloween event was bigger than even its most dedicated players expected, featuring maps, 20 new cosmetics, and more, and it was all community-created. yet in typical team Fortress 2 From the debut of fashion, Scream Fortress XIII is revealing the big story of how Valve’s monetization has caused Halloween controversy.

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Easily the most popular addition to this year’s Scream Fortress XIII update is the Corps Carrier skin for the Scout class. Similar to Halloween costumes, which create the illusion of carrying, the skin shows Scout carrying the upper half of another Scout. This skin is humor friendly team Fortress 2 The players as a whole, make it an instant success. Better yet, Valve had made Corpus Carrier very easy and economical to acquire. Until Valve changed its mind.


In an update released Monday, Valve reversed two major decisions regarding the Zombies Carrier skin. First, the skin was removed from the Crimson Cash collection itself and instead became a bonus item for the collection, making it a rarity. Second, Valve made it so that the corpse carrier skin could not be used year-round and was instead limited entirely to Halloween and full moon events. team Fortress 2.

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Zombies Carrier Price Chart Steam Marketplace

Valve took a popular and widely available Halloween skin and turned it into a rare and exclusive offering. No one should be surprised by what happened next. Since it was not possible for many players to unlock Corpus Carrier by normal means, Valve’s marketplace became the de facto source for the skin. Overnight, Corp Carrier’s listed price surged over 3,000%. Typically available for less than $3, the price jumped above $60, although it has since settled between $40 and $45.

No reason was given for why Valve decided to change the availability of Corpus Carrier. There is a strong belief that the changes were necessary due to issues with the design of the carcass carrier. More specifically, the skin consists of two heads and a very large visible mass. While the Scout’s hitbox doesn’t really change, it can confuse opponents.

Alternatively, some team Fortress 2 Players seem to have noticed that Valve noticed the popularity of the Corps career and saw an opportunity to capitalize on the opportunity. Despite Valve’s intent, it certainly created a drawback that didn’t exist before. But it can certainly be a requirement from a gameplay perspective as well. whatever the reasoning, team Fortress 2 Players may have to pay a pretty penny on the Steam marketplace for the season’s most exciting new cosmetic.

team Fortress 2 Now available on PC.

Source: Steam

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