TechCrunch Sessions Agenda Announcement: Climate

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From the minds behind TechCrunch comes a whole new TC sessions event dedicated to the climate crisis. Leading academics, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and more will gather at UC Berkeley on June 14 to explore the role of technology and startups in mitigating and adapting to the crisis. An existential threat that you know and fear. I know this reporter I will be there! And you? Join me for a show in partnership with Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finalsand book your Early Bird pass today— but hurry, the early sale ends this Friday.

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On stage, you will hear speeches from influential leaders in the field, including a former EPA administrator. Carol Brownerfounder of Impossible Foods Pat BrownBerkeley Lab Director for Climate and Ecosystem Science, William CollinsCEO Lime Wayne Thingand mystery guest you won’t want to miss. Behind the scenes, you will have the opportunity to meet many of the founders, scientists and engineers who are building the next generation of climate startups.

This is our climate crisis, you just solve it

with William Collins (UC Berkeley) and speaker to be announced

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Let’s talk about hot air. This level-setting panel explores the hype, hope and reality of climate technology as the sector scours the Earth for solutions and powers that be (politicians) to stubbornly cling to the obsolete fossil fuel technology that got us into this mess.

Ground floor Green: Early Stage Climate VC

with Christian Garcia (Breakthrough Energy Ventures), Kirsten Stead (DCVC) and Pae Wu (SOSV)

Climate technology is once again a hot area for investment, but the money coming in this time around is much smarter than in the past. However, balancing hope and hype is still a major challenge, especially in the very early stages, and we’ll delve into how the best and smartest in the investment industry choose their winners.

Opening remarks and global finals of Extreme Tech Challenge 2022: Pitch session #1

with Young Son (Extreme Tech Challenge)

Supported by XTC
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Extreme Tech Challenge Co-Founder Yang Son presents the Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals. Yang will talk about the mission of the organization and how the fifth wave of technological development we are currently in represents a huge opportunity for founders and investors. The winners of the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) category and a special award will present their innovative startups that can radically improve the world.


with Pat Brown (Impossible Foods)

Patrick Brown founded Impossible Foods back in 2011 with the goal of offering consumers an ethical and environmentally responsible alternative to meat. The innovative approach to product development has taken the company to restaurants and homes around the world. Brown, who recently moved from CEO to Chief Innovation Officer, will discuss the present and future of artificial meat.

The path to zero emissions

with Carol Browner (former EPA Administrator) and Wayne Ting (Lime)

Despite increasingly stringent regulations in some states and the rise of electric bikes, scooters, mopeds, buses and cars, the vast majority of vehicles on the roads today have exhaust emissions. Lime CEO Wayne Ting and Carol Browner, former director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy and Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, will talk about where the US is on the path to zero emissions. The pair will look at the remaining challenges and the role that innovation, policy and investment can play in greening transport.

Our dependence on obedient fuel

with Carlos Araque (Quaize), Caroline Cochran (Oklo) and Suleman Khan (Swell)

The world is becoming electric, but the energy has to come from somewhere. As we reduce our dependence on oil, coal and natural gas, this group is looking at what else we can do to keep our cars running, our laundry running, and our factories doing what factories do.

Securing the Future with Transformative Technologies

with Jamie Butcher (Chemonics International), Eli Shamat (Decisive Capital Management) and Bill Tai (Extreme Tech Challenge)

Supported by XTC

This panel focuses on disruptive technological innovations that are transforming industries to build a radically better world. How can business, government, philanthropy and the startup community come together to create a better future? Learn from these seasoned investors and industry veterans about how technology can not only shape the future, but where the biggest opportunities lie.

Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals: Pitch Session #2 and Winner Announcement

Supported by XTC

The winners of the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) category and a special award will present their innovative startups that can radically improve the world.

How corporations can become better citizens

with Amy Burr (JetBlue Ventures), Kentaro Kawamori (Persefoni), and Mark Krese (Microsoft)

As corporations become more and more powerful, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) includes a wide range of programs on how they can play a leading role in society. In this panel, we discuss how corporations can flex their muscles for good in addressing financial, economic, social and environmental challenges.


with Matanya Horowitz (AmpRobotics), Megan O’Connor (Nth Cycle) and Miranda Wang (Novoloop)

Recycling has been an environmental buzzword for decades, but the reality of recycling hasn’t always lived up to its potential. Three startups at the forefront of the industry will discuss recent breakthroughs and the future of recycling, from sorting robots to ocean plastics and batteries.

TC Sessions: Climate 2022 will be held in Berkeley, California on June 14th. Join over 1,000 climate champions determined to create sustainable solutions for a sustainable future. Buy a pass before the deadline – just four days – in 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) Friday, May 6th and save $200.

Is your company interested in sponsoring or participating in TC Sessions Climate 2022? Contact our sponsor sales team at by filling out this form.

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