5 Ways to Get Girls Involved in STEM

Despite a push in recent decades to bring more women into STEM careers, the sector is still dominated by men. According to the American Women’s University Association (AAUW), “Women only make up 28% Read more in the following articles in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Fast Facts: Early barriers for girls and women in STEM.

Here are some ideas about increasing STEM interest in girls:

Start a club

Try a STEM club enough for girls! Some ideas of clubs to start:

  • Girls who code
  • A robotics team (First lego league, VEX IQ Challenge, Wonder league
  • A manufacturers club that encourages hands-on construction and tool exposure (DIY activities, woodworking, 3D printing, sewing with circuits)
  • Destination spec
  • child bride
  • An afterschool themed club where girls can explore various STEM activities (space, environment, structures and architecture, music, etc.).
  • To check other organization activity ideas:
    • National Girl Child Support Project
    • Microsoft Girls in STEM
    • American Association of University Women Hands-On STEM
    • Society of Women Engineers

Use mentors

Invite women in STEM careers to talk in your class, in person, or via Zoom. Reach out to local organizations, companies, or talk to parents about what they do.

Learning about the types of things that STEM professionals do on a daily basis, what problems they solve, and what makes them excited about why a STEM career can be so rewarding and interesting! Especially for children who have no STEM professional in their family or close friends, it can be a little intimidating or mysterious as to what someone actually does in the engineering field or other STEM careers.

read more books

Whether you read STEM picture books for younger (or older!) Students, read books that are related to STEM (eg. The boy who lost the wind, or Martian For older students), books that feature strong women, who receive GST (as stuff is done, such as A wrinkle in time), Or books that lend themselves well to STEM challenges (find the ideas in the posts below), there are so many options to choose from! Find more ideas in these articles:

  • STEM Picture Books which is Spark Imagination
  • Dive into a great book with STEM
  • How to choose the perfect STEM picture book
  • How to include STEM in literacy

Support a cause

Do you have students who want to make a difference? Can you recruit student assistants for some local reason (environmental, social, school), and then somehow tie into STEM? Tap on your students’ desire to make the world a better place, and try to do it with STEM! If you have 3D printers, you may be able to create and distribute Mask Year Savers or any other accessories for your community. Start a community garden, beds and learn about it Science on the way. Your older students can volunteer their time with a STEM non-beneficiary or become a volunteer assistant for an elementary or middle school robotics team or afterschool STEM program.

This is primary!

It is very important to encourage STEM activities in middle and high school girls and young women, but when we start young, it is even easier to do. Starting to encourage young girls in STEM makes it normal for them to help them gain confidence, especially in mathematics and science, which is often lost in adolescence.

More ways to involve girls and women in STEM

More articles and ideas to include girls in STEM:

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