Best mesh and Wi-Fi router deals before Amazon Prime Day As we await Amazon Prime Day (and the wealth of other sales that tend to accompany it), check out these models on sale now.

amazon prime day June 21-22 is scheduled only a few weeks from now, but it’s never too early to start shopping around for a new router for a reasonable price. Now is the time to at least plan on doing a house-to-house upgrade mesh system, a current-gen Wi-Fi 6 Router or budget-friendly Wi-Fi 5 model. This is doubly true if you and other family members will still be working from home For the foreseeable future, or if someone in the household has become an avid gamer. The right router to quarterback your home network can make a huge difference.

Retailers have started to announce their rival sales to Prime Day, which include target deal day running from 20-22 June and walmart days deals Happening June 20-23, they’re also a great place for networking bargains.

We’ll be updating these recommendations regularly with some of the best home networking deals we’ve seen across the web until the final deal ends in the ether.

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