Is 8K worth it? All the reasons not to buy an 8K TV

All your 8K TV questions answered.

8K TVs Are Here, with four times the resolution of the standard Ultra HD 4K TV. You can buy one now, with models from several companies available, including samsung, Sony and LG. Their high pixel count comes at a high price, however, most cost significantly more than similar high-end 4K TV. Should You Consider an 8K TV? are they Best TV TV out there? Spoiler alert: No.

At least, that is, not now. Aside from the price, one of the biggest reasons is that there are basically no 8K TV shows or movies to watch on them. and while latest gaming console 8K will (probably) eventually do, today 8K games are basically nonexistent. The best you can get in most cases 4K, so all those extra pixels on an 8K TV won’t be used to their full potential.

But 8K has arrived, so it’s worth taking a closer look at the technology. That’s because the day will come when 4K goes the way they are all lower resolution in technical history. Does this mean that 4K TV is already obsolete? Do you need to buy an 8K TV in a hurry or risk being unable to watch your favorite shows? Do you need an 8K TV for this playstation 5 or xbox series x?

Once again the answer to all these questions is no. Why over here

PS5 and Xbox Series X can play games in 8K resolution. should you care?

Is this 8K TV worth buying?

Before we get into the specifics, here’s a quick summary of our current thinking about 8K TVs.

  • Unless you have money to burn, don’t even consider buying one right now.
  • From what we’ve seen, there’s little improvement in image quality on 4K TVs.
  • For any image quality improvement we’ve seen, a . need to sit very close to very big screen.
  • To get the most out of any 8K TV, you need real 8K content.
  • There’s basically no 8K content available right now and there’s little chance of any coming soon.
  • both new consoles Promise 8K resolution, but that’s it potentially misleading.
  • 8K TVs will get cheaper in the next few years and probably actually worth considering.

Now that you’ve got your wallet back in your pocket, soak up everything there was to know about 8K TVs today.

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What is 8K, and is it better than a 4K TV?

A traditional HDTV from a few years ago is 1080p, which means it has 1,920 pixels horizontally and 1,080 pixels vertically. Many digital cinema projectors—the ones in movie theaters—have a resolution of 2,048×1,080. Because it’s common in Hollywood-only to refer to horizontal resolution, they call it “2K,” but it’s basically the same thing as the HDTV 1080p you have at home.


the word “4K” Also comes from the side of digital cinema, with a horizontal resolution of 4,096, hence “4K.” However, on the TV side, manufacturing capacity means we got twice the horizontal and vertical resolutions of 1080p HDTVs, so 3,840×2,160 pixels. Everyone colloquially calls it “4K”, although the technical term is Ultra HD. It has four times more pixels than 1080p HD.

Which brings us to 8K. You guessed it: twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of 4K, for a total of 7,680×4,320 and 33,177,600 total pixels. Not only does it have four times the resolution of 4K, it also has an incredible 16 times more pixels than at 1080p. Or to put it differently, you can cast up to 16 full-resolution 1080p videos on an 8K screen at the same time without any loss of quality. I don’t know why you would want to do that, but hey, why not?

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8K Ultra HD, Ultra High Definition (UHD), Super Hi-Vision, UHD-2

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