Netflix vs. Disney Plus vs. HBO Max vs. Paramount Plus vs. Peacock vs. Discovery Plus

Your options for streaming services are only increasing. Here’s how the most recently added five stack up against the biggest.

Streaming is more popular than ever and shows no signs of slowing down. Disney Plus is already 100 million subscribershandjob hbo max Recently Launched a new, cheaper level and adding Major theatrical releases almost every month, while Peacock Office has been added and Signed a deal to stream WWE. Quibi quickly came and went (and is now back again), but new options just keep coming, including Discovery Plus and Paramount Plus. and don’t forget apple tv plushandjob amazon prime videohandjob HuluShowtime and Netflix.

Yes, it’s a huge list and the number of new options can be overwhelming. In this article we’ll help you stop, take a deep breath, and navigate crowded streaming landscape. Here’s an analysis of where some of the major new services stand right now and how they compare.

Best Streaming Deals for Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max and More


There are a lot of streaming services competing for your time and money in 2021, and we’re not going to cover them all here. In an effort to keep this list more manageable, we’re going to focus on how the five new big-name streamers — Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock, Discovery Plus and Paramount Plus — compare against Netflix, which Biggest name in streaming. .

Here’s a little on each.

We rank the best streaming service of 2021

how do they stack up

Streaming Comparison


Disney Plus

hbo max


Paramount Plus

Discovery Plus

Monthly Price

$9. starts from


$10 with ads, $15 ad-free

Basic with ads is free, Premium access with ads $5 . is

$5 with ads, $10 ad-free

$5 with ads, $7 ad-free


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