Apple reportedly wants all Apple Car batteries made in the US

Apple Cars needs a battery supplier, but there’s a little catch involved

By all accounts, the Apple Car is still a long way off, but as development continues we’re hearing a lot about what’s to come. The fact that Apple may be making its own car batteries in the US

This is according to a report by DigiTimes, which claims that Apple is “considering manufacturers for Apple Car in the US”, according to industry sources.

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This is not the first time we have heard such rumours. Reuters reported last month that Apple was in discussion Along with Chinese battery makers CATL and BYD, the former of which supplies batteries to Tesla and BMW.

However, despite its desire to work with Chinese firms, it was reported that Apple was insisting that Apple car batteries be made in the United States. The CATL was reportedly hesitant to agree to this condition, because of the political tension between the US and Chinese governments.

The DigiTimes report made some reference to this situation, and why Apple insists on US-made batteries. According to sources, semiconductors and lithium batteries are now considered “strategic materials” by the US government.

Such a major component of electric cars manufactured in China, especially given the recent trade war, means Apple doesn’t want to risk the politics that stifles its battery production. As for the rest of the Apple car? Given Apple’s diverse, global supply chain for the iPhone and other products, it would stand to reason that the company would take a similar approach with the Apple Car.

According to DigiTimes, Taiwan-based companies Foxconn and Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry (Ellis) have a chance to develop Apple car batteries. Both companies plan to set up a manufacturing base in the US, while Foxconn already has a well-established relationship with Apple, thanks to its involvement in iPhone assembly.

Apple Car: When is it coming?

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the Apple Car, something that isn’t helped by Apple’s standard veil of privacy that surrounds all of its products. We know the car is set to go electric, and rumor has it that it could be a fully autonomous vehicle that doesn’t require a human driver.

But Apple has suffered several setbacks in recent months. Reports claimed that the company was struggling to find a manufacturing partner, as existing automakers were concerned about the company’s level of control. Apparently they didn’t want to shut down the “Foxconn of the auto industry” by handing over all Apple car production decisions to Apple.

But it now suggested that LG and Canadian auto-parts maker Magna were in discussions with Apple to make their car ambitions a reality. We haven’t heard anything about it since then, and we don’t know if those talks were successful.

It’s unclear when the Apple Car might arrive, although rumors have suggested a 2024 launch is possible. Considering Apple may have its batteries made in the US, it seems optimistic. Especially if it involves companies building new factories from scratch.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. But it’s clear that the long road to Apple Car reality isn’t over.

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