Apple unveils MagSafe Battery Pack to give your iPhone 12 a boost

MagSafe battery pack attaches to the back of the iPhone 12 series for extra juice

If you find that your iPhone 12 needs a little boost for the day, Apple now has an accessory that can keep your phone running. The new MagSafe battery pack works with any iPhone 12 model, attaching to the back of the phone to give your handset a wireless boost.

As you might guess from the name, the $99 Apple MagSafe battery pack uses the MagSafe technology that Apple introduced to its phone lineup with the iPhone 12 release last fall. Using MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charging, accessories can connect to magnets embedded in the back of the iPhone 12. It keeps everything perfectly aligned and securely in place so you know your device is drawing power.

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Apple doesn’t specify how much the MagSafe battery pack can extend the life of your iPhone 12 battery — we’re guessing it varies from model to model. But the MagSafe battery pack page on Apple’s online store notes that you can plug a Lightning cable into the accessory to get 15W charging speeds. The battery pack also supports 20W, should you want to use that kind of adapter for faster charging.

Unfortunately, neither the 20W adapter or 15W Lightning cable comes with the MagSafe battery pack. So you’ll either have to supply your own or buy them separately.

It’s also unclear how much the MagSafe battery pack adds to your phone. Apple does not list dimensions or weight on the product page. Presumably, the MagSafe magnets keep the battery in place securely, but you’ll have to assume any pockets with iPhone 12 models and A battery pack is going to be a tight fit.

Still, this is a position that a lot of iPhone 12 users would probably accept. Apple’s latest phone has many features, but battery life is not the main among them. Aside from the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which shied away from landing on our best phone battery life list, the other three iPhone 12 models were below average for a smartphone in our Tom Guide battery test.

The iPhone 13 will reportedly address that, with rumors suggesting that Apple is opting for larger iPhone 13 batteries among the new iPhones scheduled to come out this fall. But it comes with little consolation for iPhone 12 buyers who want to get their battery off during the day. The new MagSafe battery pack could help address that dilemma.

Apple is now taking pre-orders for the MagSafe battery pack. Auxiliary ship next week.

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