Apple discussing EV battery supply deal with China’s CATL, BYD, report says

Could the Apple Cars feature help one of the Chinese battery giants?

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After all, EVs need batteries.

At this point, a physical apple car Definitely feeling a lot like a poorly kept secret. Apple is busy discussing a potential battery deal with China’s CATL and BYD, according to a new report from Reuters on Tuesday. The tech giant won’t need automotive batteries if its eye isn’t on building a real car, as opposed to just car software, that’s for sure.

Citing sources familiar with the discussions, Apple is looking to use lithium-phosphate batteries instead of cobalt or nickel because of their cheaper construction and use of iron. It is not clear whether these talks have been reported in the past.”game changing“The battery technology was developed by Apple for its car program.

The company reportedly wants any firm it partners with for a battery supply deal to agree to build a US facility for the program. This could be a turning point for CATL, the world’s largest battery supplier, which also Tesla Supplies Locally. The company is reportedly reluctant to build a US plant amid tensions between the US and China. BYD feels a little more suited to the current political climate. Although it is a Chinese company, the firm currently employs a unionized workforce to manufacture its electric buses in the US.

Apple did not immediately return a request for comment on the reported discussions, but silence is expected. The company has been very private about its potential car plans over the years. Rumors intensified this year after discussion Hyundai and Kia Fell to make the vehicle, before the two said they would not partner with Apple. now, a 2024-2025 Timeline Analysts have the best guess for the vehicle, and Apple Car could include advanced self-driving technology that the tech giant is also working on.

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