Ex-BMW i3 lead, Canoo boss moves to Apple for car project, report says

Ulrich Kranz has recently resigned as the CEO of EV startup Canoo. Apple reportedly scooped him up shortly thereafter.

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Kranz is a big fare for Apple.

executive behind bmw i3 and i8 Electrified machines are now Apple employees. According to a Bloomberg report on Thursday, Ulrich Kranz, the former CEO of EV startup Canu, has joined the tech giant. He would work with his automotive team, which was long rumored to be building a physical vehicle, often referred to as apple car.

Apple did not immediately return a request for comment on the alleged hire, and Kranz’s LinkedIn page does not yet show updated information. However, the report stated that Kranz would report Doug Fields, a Tesla veteran who is now in charge of the Apple Car program. Their reported hiring is a big score for Apple and it seems the tech giant is moving full speed to build physical vehicles, as opposed to just car software.

Reports from earlier this year Apple car coming in 2024 as soon as possible. The company is also not in talks with potential partners to help bring the vehicle to life. Apple was the first to contact Hyundai and Kia To help build the car, although both confirmed discussions ended. Recently, Apple was reportedly in talks with China’s CATL and BYD – Two giant electric vehicle battery manufacturers. According to reports, Apple wants a partner to set up a US-based manufacturing site to supply batteries for its Apple car. It may also have some sort of game-changing battery technology developed in-house that it wants to help manufacture.

Until Apple is ready to publicly spill the beans, these higher and smaller leaks are all we know about the long-standing Apple Car. We’ll learn more along the way, but we probably only have a few years before we officially achieve anything.

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