The best 15-inch gaming and work laptop for 2021

When 13 inches is too small and 17 is too big, a 14- or 15-inch laptop from a company like Dell, Lenovo, Apple, or Acer may be perfect.

It used to be that American consumers gravitated toward the 15-inch as a mid-size-fits-all between the more expensive 17-inch and smaller, less powerful laptops. 13-inch model, while buyers outside the United States preferred 14-inch computers. However, that has changed in the past year, with manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, HP and Lenovo vastly expanding their laptop offerings — and marketing efforts — with more flagship 14-inch models. The best 14- and 15-inch laptops strike a balance between size, performance, and price.

We selected the contenders for the best of these laptops based on performance for the given specifications (aka, their configuration), design and features for the price. We cover both premium and budget laptop options, and take into account factors such as battery life, SSD storage, keyboard, operating system, graphics, processor speed, and more. Features such as the amount of storage (including an SSD or spinning hard drive), display type and resolution (4K, QHD or FHD), a touch screen, a fingerprint reader, and more factor in as well. Laptop screen size and price shouldn’t be the only factors determining your buying decisions!

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If you want to focus on lower prices or a wider set of options, check out our picks $500. laptop under and budget gaming laptop. And choosing only a handful out of a sea of ​​hundreds ensures that you’ll miss out on some important tools, especially if you’re looking for a more powerful laptop that fits specific needs, like video editing, so you’ll also need to. must go ahead to see us best gaming laptop, two-in-ones, chromebook and the best MacBook Pro Alternatives For Windows set. There are so many premium laptop options out there!

Specifications and availability are often in flux, so we’ve narrowed our options down to models that are current and that we’ve actually tested. We update this list from time to time with new products and information.

Best gaming laptops to buy in 2021

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