There’s Still No Sign of Privacy Labels for Most Google iOS Apps

As of December 8, Apple developers are required to submit new app and app updates to provide privacy label information, which outlines the data that each app collects when users install it.

Many app developers, such as Facebook, have complied and now include their own apps as well as private labels, but Google has more than one notable one.

Google has not updated its flagship apps like Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome, and YouTube since December 7 or earlier and most of the Google apps have not yet been updated with the feature label feature.

Google Translate, Google Authenticator, Motion Stills, Google Play Movies, and Google Classroom apps include privacy labels, even if they haven’t been updated recently, but Google’s search apps, Google Maps, Chrome, Waze, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Home, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Assistant, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Slide, Google One, Google Earth, YouTube Music, Hangout, Google Tasks, Google Meat, Google Pay, Photoscan, Google Voice, Google News, Boards, Google Podcasts, and more do not display information.

On January 5, Google reported This data will be added to your iOS app “this week or next week”, but both this week and next week have arrived without any updates. It has been more than a month since Google last updated its apps.

When it stated that an update was coming soon, Google gave no reason for the delay, and still did not explain the long period between app updates. Google usually pushes updates to its apps catalog more often, and its Android apps are updated regularly.

There has been speculation that Google is hesitant to provide privacy label data due to the negative feedback that other companies, such as Facebook, have received, but has still not been confirmed.

Apple provided app privacy information to customers in iOS 14.3 to inform them of what data the app collects from them so that they can make an informed choice when they choose to install the app. App developers are required to self-report privacy information in the App Store, and developers must identify all data collections and use cases.

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