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iOS 15 has officially arrived. On Monday, for an online keynote WWDCApple’s annual developer conference, the company presented a preview of iOS 15, the next major version of iPhoneof operating system. It’s the follow-up to last year’s iOS 14 and will launch in full this fall and likely debut Massive Rumor iPhone 13.

iOS 15 brings a plethora of new features, improvements and refinements. FaceTime grows with more Zoom-like features, including links that let Android and Windows users participate in FaceTime video calls through a browser. You can keep low-key alerts in your phone bundle and have them delivered to you as a notification summary. Live Text is basically Apple’s version of Google Lens. You can watch videos and listen to music with friends on FaceTime calls. Messages can aggregate and organize links and content so that you can view them all at once whenever you want. You can also add your driver’s license to Apple’s Wallet app.

Upgrades to iOS 15 fit four key themes: staying connected, finding focus, harnessing intelligence, and exploring the world. Apple’s fast-paced, feature-packed preview on Monday stood in stark contrast to the sober reality surrounding iOS and Apple’s App Store. In the past year, Apple responded Inquiries from lawmakers and regulators about its App Store at home and abroad. company launched iOS 14.5 brings new levels of user privacy and new controls on ad-tracking, which has led to a Corporate clash with Facebook. waiting for apple Verdict in lawsuit brought by Epic Games, one of the largest app developers for iOS.

A developer version of iOS 15 will be available to download today, with a public beta launching this summer.


In iOS 15, Links let Windows and Android users take FaceTime video calls from a browser.

iOS 15 adds FaceTime support to Android, Windows

one of the following The biggest update came in Facetime, Apple’s app for video and audio calls. Over the past year, many of us have relied on video calls to keep in touch with friends and family and collaborate with coworkers. Apps like Skype and Zoom became the norm, while FaceTime suffered because of its limitations. iOS 15 makes FaceTime like Zoom while retaining some of its quirkiness.

Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, said the goal of updating FaceTime to iOS 15 was to make it feel more natural and comfortable to use. Now you can schedule FaceTime calls and create links in advance. FaceTime Link can be accessed through a browser on Apple devices, or on Android phones and Windows computers.

FaceTime on Android: Apple announces major upgrade at WWDC

FaceTime’s video interface gets an overhaul with a new grid view. Randomly sized tiles are gone, replaced with a neat grid of squares of the same size as all of your callers. Grid view makes it easy to see who is speaking at a glance. FaceTime adds Portrait Mode to iOS 15. Like Portrait Mode for photos on the iPhone, which separates you from your background, FaceTime turns the background of your video calls into a nice artistic blur.

There are also new tools to improve audio. FaceTime in iOS 15 supports spatial audio during calls and makes your friends and family feel more natural, giving the impression that they are in the room with you. Your microphone gets smart and can isolate your voice or widen its pickup to capture all the details in your surroundings. Apple showed a video of two people making FaceTime calls. Behind one of the people was a child using a leaf blower. When voice isolation is enabled, the leaf blower sound goes away. (I don’t know how many people would gift a leaf blower to their child, let them use it indoors, but it was a fun example.)

FaceTime gets spatial audio for ‘more natural’ calls in iOS 15


During a FaceTime video call, you can now play a song or video like Mythic Quest on Apple TV Plus, and everyone on the call can listen or watch it at once. The feature is called SharePlay and it works with TikTok, Disney Plus, Hulu and more.

Watch Movies, Listen to Music on FaceTime in iOS 15

Another new feature for FaceTime is called SharePlay, which lets you share your screen, music or videos over a video call. For example, if you’re on a FaceTime call, you can play a song in Apple Music and listen to it on the call with your friends and family. This feature works with Apple Music as well as video content from Apple TV Plus, TikTok, Disney Plus, HBO Max and Hulu. Developers can add the SharePlay API to their apps, so maybe YouTube will adopt it?

Watching videos on FaceTime can also be shared on your Apple TV. SharePlay really looks like it adds multitasking and a vast wealth of service integration when you’re on a FaceTime call.


The Messages app in iOS 15 has a new look for when you receive multiple photos from a friend. The pictures can be presented as a collage or placed in a photo stack, as in this screenshot from WWDC.

Messages gets a new design and content is more organized

Messages gets a visual overhaul and gets more organized. In an iMessage conversation thread, photos are shown in a new collage design or, when there are many, in a photo stack. You can simply swipe through a photo stack from the in-thread view or tap to open all photos in a separate screen.

Another new Share with You feature, which lets people share video, music, and story links with you in Messages and organizes them into a new tab for the respective app. For example, if a friend sends you a link to an Apple News story via iMessage, it’s automatically added to the Share with you tab in the Apple News app. The tab shows not only the link but who shared it with you. When you tap on that person’s name, you’re returned to that place in your Messages conversation with them.

Photos Shared With You also brings photos you’ve shared with you to Messages in your Photos app. Apparently the Photos app will only import the ones you care about. Screenshots and memes will not be added.

Shared With You works in the following apps: Apple Music, Apple News, Apple TV, Safari, Photos and Podcasts. You can also pin a message, link, or content and have it elevated to Share with you and show up in Search.


iOS 15 adds a new Notification Summary that groups unimportant alerts together and has them delivered to you at the time you choose.

iOS 15 changes notifications, adds tools to help you focus

Notifications on your iPhone are revamped to help you deal with all the alerts on your phone. Notification Summary is a new feature that lets you schedule when unimportant notifications are delivered. It can prioritize which ones are most important and bundle the rest for morning delivery (or whatever time you choose). Siri can now automatically read time-sensitive messages when you’re not on your phone. For example, if you order a food delivery and it arrives, Siri can read the notification via HomePod or your Apple Watch.

You can also use the new focus tool in iOS 15 to help you focus on certain things when you’re using your phone. For example, if you’re at work, you can choose to be notified by coworkers only for apps like Mail, Calendar, or Slack. Other settings for the Focus tool include Do Not Disturb, Personal, and Sleep, which you can schedule to set your bedtime.

iOS 15 overhauls notifications with summary and focus tools


Live Text in iOS 15 lets you digitize and interact with text in photos or through your iPhone camera’s viewfinder. It is similar to Google Lens on Android.

Live Text lets you digitize and interact with the text in your photos

Live Text in iOS 15 uses artificial intelligence to find text in photos or through your iPhone’s camera viewfinder. You can copy and paste the text, or if it’s a website you can open the link. It feels similar to Google Lens.

In the Photos app, Live Text automatically generates photo tags in its device-wide Spotlight search feature. With a new search feature called Visual Lookup, you search for the word “beach” and the iPhone will display any photos that have a beach or were taken at the beach. This seems like a huge improvement when it comes to searching through your photos and could help the Photos app hold up to the widest photo searches you can do in Google Photos.


You can now digitize and store your driver’s license in Apple’s Wallet app.

Add Your Driver’s License to Apple Wallet in iOS 15

The Wallet app in iOS 15 lets you add corporate keycards and driver’s licenses. Apple says it is working with the TSA on ways to accept it in US airports. Here comes…

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