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Apple’s WWDC 21 event begins Monday with Tim Cook’s keynote, previewed Rumor iOS 15 And many, many other exciting Apple software updates. The annual convention, all-virtual for the second year in a row, began on 7 June and continued until 11 June.

Apart from iOS 15, includes upgrades to Apple’s operating system unveiled on Monday iPad 15handjob MacOS Monterey and watchOS 8 (but not HomeOS) public betas will likely be available in the fall, but in the meantime, developers can download the beta right away. Here’s everything else that Apple announced on the first day of its WWDC 21 event.

Prepare for Apple Beta

[11:48 a.m. PT]

Apple’s iOS 15, iPadOS 15, WatchOS 8 and macOS Monterey are all being made available to developers today, following the company’s trend of releasing new software to developers shortly after the announcements.

Apple said the public beta will be made available in July, with a full release planned in the Fall.

  • Apple introduces new Portrait Watch Face feature for Apple Watch
  • Apple Health will track fall risk, offer better health data sharing
  • Apple opens Siri to third-party device makers at WWDC 2021
  • Apple AirPods Pro, AirPods Max users will be able to find my headphones

Apple: Don’t forget the hard work we do

[11:46 a.m. PT]

Over the past year, Apple has been under a lot of pressure from regulators and lawmakers concerned about its growing financial and industry power. In a lawsuit with Fortnite maker Epic Games, it was forced to defend its App Store and takes up to 30% commission for many in-app purchases.

We weren’t expecting Apple to respond directly to what’s going on, but the company took a few minutes during its WWDC presentation on Monday to remind people of all the technologies it’s making available to developers. Makes it It includes voice isolation, scanning technology, and the Swift programming language.

“We built Swift and all these other technologies and frameworks for a reason,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s head of developer relations, to help you build the best apps possible and the best place to find those apps ”

Apple also talked about the new features in its App Store, saying it will be creating a new “In-App Events” feature that will be on the App Store homepage. Apple said in-app events will also be created on App Store search, a new App Store widget for iPhone and iPad, and on the product page of apps in the store.

Finally, Apple announced a new feature called Xcode Cloud, which is designed to help test apps across multiple devices. Apple said that once a developer uploads their code to the company’s servers, it will be automatically tested on multiple devices, and can then be made readily available to beta testers.

  • Apple says ‘Universal Controls’ will let you move content between devices
  • Apple’s new iCloud Plus features include encrypted private relay

Modified Safari

[11:36 a.m. PT]

Apple’s on-Mac web browser has always been second banana to Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox, even though Apple claims it’s faster and has better battery life.

In macOS Monterey, Apple said it is working again by making Safari smoother to look at and adding more sync features between devices. The tabs synchronize between devices, Apple said.

And on the iPhone, Apple said it’s moving the tab bar to the bottom of the page instead of the top. Apple said this makes it easier to access and use.

Apple is also bringing Safari’s desktop app extension to Safari on the iPhone and iPad. Apple said the extensions can share code across the iPhone, iPad and desktop, making them easier to develop as well.

Apple will make Siri and HomePod Mini a bigger part of your home with iOS 15 update

macOS Monterey, the next big update

[11:27 a.m. PT]

It may sound like a broken record up to this point, but if you look at the list of features for Apple’s next major Mac software update, there are many of them you’ve heard about on iOS 15. Quick Share, for example, and new FaceTime features. Apple’s new Focus feature is also of course.

Apple is also building a new “Universal Control” feature into its Macs to help control your iPad. The way it works is very simple, all you have to do is move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen, and it will start controlling the other device. Apple said cut/copy/paste works too, so you can take an item from one Mac and bring it to another.

And Apple said Universal Control works across multiple devices, so you can draw an image on an iPad, MacBook, and an iMac on the same desk, if you want.

  • Apple’s macOS Monterey is on the way
  • Apple Maps iOS 15 update will include 3D street data, AR walking directions
  • Apple adds Contacts to digital legacy celebration

more Siri more space

[11:22 a.m. PT]

As of now, Apple’s voice assistant is only available on its iPhones, iPads, Macs, and HomePods. Now, Apple said, it will work with partner companies to make Siri available on their devices as well. So, for example, if your smart thermostat has a microphone and speakers, the company will be able to add Siri to it.

Apple said it keeps all Siri communication in your home, so everything will work together instead of needing an Internet connection.

  • Apple privacy updates tell you more about how apps use your data
  • WWDC 21: Apple previews WatchOS 8 for Apple Watch
  • Apple iPadOS 15 revamped multitasking and adds widgets, quick note-taking

big health push

[11:08 a.m. PT]

A few years ago, Apple added a feature to the Apple Watch to call for help when it fell. Now, it has been said that the health app will identify your chances of falling in the future. Apple said the new datapoint, called “sustainability,” is scientifically validated, and is based on how you move throughout the day. And if your chance of falling increases, Apple said it would send an alert to warn you.

Apple is building other features into its Health app to help decode health data. The company said it is creating “trends” in its Health app, showing whether you’re more (or less) active. It’s also building more useful information into the labs section of its Health app. So, for example, the next time you get a blood test, the Health app will explain what each datapoint means and whether it’s within the expected range.

Apple is also adding a way to share health data with your family. The company said people will now be able to share health data with other iPhone users, and give them access to whatever selected data you want. Apple said it would be especially helpful for elderly people and families with children.

Apple said that all this data is encrypted and cannot be read by Apple.

Apple iPads get new widgets and multitasking tools


iCloud Plus for Privacy

[11:01 a.m. PT]

Apple is adding a new service offering to its lineup, this time with a focus on privacy. The new iCloud Plus is designed to help obfuscate your information from the web.

For example, it will now create obscure email addresses for you to help prevent companies from spamming you. And it’s creating a “relay” system that hides your information as you surf the web. Apple said that when you use its relay system, it will send Internet traffic through two relay systems, obscuring your information even from Apple.

Apple said these features will be built into iCloud for the same prices it charges now. So for many, it is already likely to launch later this year.

privacy, privacy, confidentiality

[10:56 a.m. PT]

Fast forward to Apple’s privacy as a way to stand out from its competitors. In iOS 15, Apple said it’s going to start obscuring the IP addresses of its users — meaning companies won’t be able to use your Internet address to identify and track you.

Apple said its IP obfuscation would be on the Mail app and Safari, but it’s a good bet it will expand.

Apple also said that it will let you know each time an app is used on your iPhone’s other features. So, for example, you can see how many times an app has accessed your camera, microphone, or address book.

And Apple said it would start sending data to apps from other websites and services. For example, you’ll see which advertising companies the app links to.

WWDC: Apple updates Wallet app to store driver’s licenses, hotel keys in iOS 15

create apps on ipad

[10:48 a.m. PT]

Apple’s Swift Playgrounds app started out as a way to teach people how to code. But now, Apple is making it possible to build apps, too.

Apple said that with iPadOS 15, people will be able to write code, test it, and even submit apps to the App Store — all within Swift Playgrounds.

Apple still hasn’t moved on to the next step in adding its Xcode developer tools to the iPad, but it’s certainly a step toward that. It will be interesting to see how the developers feel about it.

Apple Improves iPad Multitasking With Shelves

[10:52 a.m. PT]

As the iPad becomes more powerful, it becomes more like a computer. But it’s still more iPhone than Mac.

Although Apple isn’t going to push the iPad any more into the Mac-world, it is improving the way multitasking works. With iPadOS 15 Apple Said…

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