AT&T removes high-speed data throttling from its most expensive unlimited plan

Plus 4K streaming and more hotspot data at no extra cost

AT&T is adding a few more benefits to its $85-per-month top-tier unlimited plan at no extra cost. Unlimited Elite subscribers will now have access to unlimited high-speed data and will no longer be subject to depersonalization once they hit 100GB of data per month. Customers will get up to 40GB of monthly hotspot data, as well as up to 4K video streaming – up to a maximum of 1080p. The new plan features will be added automatically for all existing customers starting this week.

If this all sounds familiar, that’s because T-Mobile did more or less the same thing earlier this year. In fact, AT&T’s Unlimited Elite now matches T-Mobile’s Magenta Max almost feature-by-feature. Both start at $85 per line (including the AutoPay discount) and include the same 40GB of hotspot data, 4K streaming, and (really) unlimited high-speed data plan features. AT&T includes HBO Max while T-Mobile offers Netflix, but otherwise, they are broadly similar. “Un-carrier” T-Mobile is looking an awful lot like a regular carrier these days.

Most unlimited phone plans include data deprivation in the fine print, which means that once a certain limit of monthly data is reached, your account is subject to slowdown when the network is busy. In this case, T-Mobile’s move to do away with the practice for its highest-paying customers has put pressure on its competitors to do the same. There’s just the slight issue of providing high-speed 5G data that’s worth getting excited about, which AT&T has struggled to do over the years, but things are likely to improve in the near future. Until then, it’s your move, Verizon.

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