Chris Hemsworth’s Loki cameo already happened — did you miss it?

Loki’s Easter Egg featured his older brother in a minor role

Loki’s brother (through adoption) Thor has not yet supervised his brother in the Loki TV show, but the actor who played him has already appeared on the show. It’s one of those winks and you missed it in moments, and one where you probably wouldn’t have noticed had you not been told it was there.

this news comes from us for all the nerds podcasts, where Thor director Kate Heron revealed the Easter egg-level presence. It turns out that Throg, the frog-version of Thor, was actually voiced by the god of lightning.

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Heron revealed this cameo, saying that it wasn’t just a reused bit of voice acting, stating, “We recorded Chris Hemsworth for it, by the way… we recorded it for him.” His voice was ‘Ah!’ It was going. It’s a completely new recording. Not recycled. They recorded it.”

So even though they didn’t need To do this, the people behind Loki are able to pull off a lot of awkward and unnecessary stunt voice-casting. When it comes to esoteric fan service this is the kind of thing that makes Loki Show such a part of the MCU.

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And that was one of the many easter eggs in Loki episode 5. Most notably, there was Thanos the copter, a call-back to Spidey Super Stories #39. Kate Heron told the For All Nerds podcast that it came from the mind of executive producer Kevin Wright, who recalled the moment Thanos flew around New York City in a helicopter of his namesake.

Finally, let’s touch on Easter eggs with potential high-level effects. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Loki in episode 5: Avengers Tower took on a different branding: Keng Enterprises.

In the comics, Kang the Conqueror, under aka Mr. Griffon, bought the Avengers Tower from Stark Industries. Kang is a potential major big-bad villain for future Marvel films, and is expected to appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantomania, played by Jonathan Majors (Lovecraft Country).

Due to Kang’s relationship with TVA and Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), he has long been rumored to appear in Loki. And since we’re about to have a big reveal of who really is behind TVA, there’s reason to suspect Kang is a badass. That said, the Keng Enterprises logo might not have a big impact, and it could be just like the Thanos copter.

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