Face ID Developed For Mac, But Won’t Be Coming Anytime Soon

When Apple brought Touch ID to their Mac computers, many had correctly figured out that it was only a short time before Face ID was even introduced. After all, some of Apple’s Mac computers come with built-in webcams, so why not fit Face ID parts there?

Turns out, we were right, like. A new Bloomberg report has revealed that Apple has explicitly developed Face ID for the Mac. The report claimed that Apple originally intended to make an appearance with the 2021 iMac for Face ID (which is also rumored to be a redesign), but for whatever reason, the company is now delaying the launch New design will choose and skip the first iteration.

One of the technical challenges of Face ID for Mac will be to try to install a dot projector in the camera. On the iPhone and iPad, it is not an issue of how “thick” the devices are, but we imagine that this could cause a problem for the MacBook. However, the iMac looks like it will have enough space, so we can’t say for sure why Apple is delaying it.

Perhaps they are expecting Face ID to be quite small, where they can fit it into all their devices, but this is just speculation from our side. Either way, it’s still some good news that Apple is considering the feature, so now wait to see when it can make its debut.

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